5 Tips To Boost Your Body Confidence While Pregnant

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Pregnancy is arguably one of the world’s most remarkable processes. While every woman’s pregnancy is considered unique, there are some things that ring true for most women. Somewhere between the morning sickness and bringing a newborn into the world, your body undergoes immense changes. You put on weight, your boobs grow bigger, your belly grows to mention just a few.

If you find yourself struggling to fall in love with all these changes, you are not alone. During pregnancy, most women may feel very uncomfortable in their bodies. Here are some tips that can help boost your body confidence through your nine-month journey.

Embrace the Process

From the moment your pregnancy starts, you need to be aware that your body will change. It is important to educate yourself. If this is your first pregnancy, ask your OBGYN what changes to expect. You can even use online sources to search for forums and read about other women’s experiences. Once you know what to expect in each stage, it becomes easier to embrace it.

Talk to other women going through the same thing. Making that connection makes the process less isolating and you will realize that you are not alone. However, you need to understand that your body is unique. It may not change as expected or like other women and that too is okay. Your body is beautiful no matter what and once you choose to embrace that, it becomes easier to be confident in your body.

Wear comfortable underwear

One of the most common highlights of pregnancy is discomfort. From heartburn to temperature fluctuations. While you cannot control some of these symptoms, you can ensure that you feel as comfortable as you can.

Invest in comfortable quality underwear. This is your body’s support system. Your boobs may have grown a couple of cup sizes bigger and that’s okay. Get refitted and invest in some new ones that are a great fit. Pay attention to the band for maximum support. Fashion: 5 Tips To Finding The Right Fitting Bra

With all the changes your body is experiencing, comfortable underwear goes a long way in boosting body confidence. You can even a couple of sexy ones too. However, do not feel pressured to wear specific bras or panties. Feeling confident is not about what other people think, it is about how you feel.

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Continue with your normal routine

Bringing life into this world is a beautiful thing. However, you need to remember that you are more than your pregnancy. You are still that kickass professional you were before. You are a wife, a sister, a friend, an auntie and so much more. Constantly remind yourself that pregnancy does not strip away who you are. So go to work, hang out with friends, or go watch a movie.

Engage in all the activities you did before you became pregnant. Set goals and crush them. Work on self-development. When you succeed in other aspects of our life, your confidence levels go up. Do not lose sight of the things that make you awesome. Once you believe it, you start to feel it and it will show.

Wear your baby bump with pride

Your growing baby bump needs to be your friend and not your enemy. There is a big chance most of your clothes may not fit you anymore. If they do, they may be uncomfortable. Take it as an opportunity to do a little shopping. Embrace your baby bump as you would any other curve on your body. Wear that baby bump with confidence. If you are big on fashion, style your changing body. Find clothes that make you feel beautiful. No one says you have to look a certain way when pregnant. Make the most out of your journey and have fun with it.

Image from https://www.self.com/story/health-conditions-black-pregnant

Have a great support system

You will not always feel great about your body during and after pregnancy and that is okay. Although pregnancy hormones can give you the ‘glow’, they can sometimes be brutal. They affect how you feel and act. While this can take a physical and mental toll on your body, you are not alone. On days when you feel sad about how you look, talk to someone who cares about you.

Friends and family are a great body confidence booster. Some women shy away from having these conversations since they think worrying about how they look makes them shallow. That is not the case. You deserve to feel confident about yourself.

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