Safaricom Celebrates 19 Years With No Expiry Data Plans For Its Customers

Safaricom PLC CEO, Michael Joseph, cuts a cake during the Safaricom 19th anniversary celebration held at Sarit Centre. Picture Courtesy: Safaricom

Safaricom marks its 19th birthday on October 2019 an event that was held at Sarit centre 2 floors above the new revamped Safaricom shop.

This commemoration comes months after the death of former CEO Bob Collymore,  an inspirational figure who will be remembered for touching the lives of many across the country.

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The company which continues to touch over 31 million customers – through more than a 100 different products under its portfolio – marks the beginning of a new age by listing a renewed structure of simplified services and better products tailored for its customers.

These products include:

  • A new SMS, voice calls and data plan services with no expiry. You can access these services immediately by dialling *544#
  • Through this code (*544#) you will also get 50% extra talk time with every purchase. All you need to do is select the new call and SMS plans for a chance to talk more for less.
  • You can buy data bundles and talk time for any amount with charges starting as low as Ksh 1. On the service, you will be able to see how much data Mbs, SMS and talk time you will get before completing the transaction.
  • Under the new plan, Safaricom has also increased the data bundle sizes by 45%. This is especially for the affordable price points of between Ksh 1 and Ksh 20. For instance, if you purchase Ksh 5 worth of bundles you will now get 10 MB with no expiry up from 7 MB data that would expire in 24 hours.
  • Upon dialling *100# you get a list of services including an option to see and stop promotional messages. This revamped menu allows you as a Safaricom customer, to stop your airtime from depleting in case you run out of data bundles.


Speaking during the anniversary Michael Joseph, CEO, Safaricom said, over the past 19 years the company, together with its customers, has come a long way.

“As we celebrate our anniversary, it is a unique opportunity to reevaluate our operations to ensure that we remain relevant to our customers into the future. Today, we are starting afresh and going forward we aim to be even more Simple, Transparent and Honest in everything that we do. For our customers, we are a Safaricom that is there for you,” said Michael Joseph, CEO, Safaricom.

Safaricom has not only led to the democratization of sharing of resources but it has also covered life-changing milestones by providing over 200,000 touchpoints for its customers.

Under the renewed structure, Michael Joseph stated that the company aims to offer better service having factored customer feedback surveys, and the different views, which helped in reviewing all its products.

More to this includes simplicity in how the company reaches you, transparency in delivering and honesty in what is said.

Services the company commits to offer under this new experience includes:

  • Serving all its customers in under 5 minutes. That is both at the outlet and whenever a customer calls the call centre.
  • Reorganization of Safaricom shops across the country in a bid to provide a more personalized experience to customers.
  • A new menu that not only lets you view your data consumption but it also grants you your PUK and much more.
  • The autonomy to choose from a number of choices once you purchase a new line.
  • Free SIM cards for new customers as of 1st November 2019. Available at any Safaricom shop or dealer outlet. Upon purchase, a subscriber will have to top up with KES 50 airtime to activate their line.

Besides this set of measures, the company is yet to announce more changes and enhancements including a new set of products that are friendly to the elderly. These new touchpoints are expected to take effect in the coming months and towards the beginning of the next year. Safaricom initiatives focussing on education are changing the lives of many Kenyans. 

In the words of Michael Joseph, “Rather than being the biggest company in Kenya, this Telco giant aims to be the greatest service provider tailored just for you.”

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