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They say the best things in life are free. But I believe this is a saying curated by someone who had money. Because clearly not all best things are free. Since here we are talking about physical beauty, it is obvious to say that the best things, particularly those that enhance that physical beauty, cost a dime. Sometimes an arm. Why makeup is not what makes you pretty.

That said let us take a look at just why you are not ugly but broke.

  • Beautiful things cost money

Whether is to attain class or maintain a beautiful appearance, being beautiful takes effort and mostly money. Particularly in this era where social media throws in your face what’s hot than what’s not.

For instance, recent developments show that being natural is proving to be more expensive than you would’ve expected. From food to organic products, adopting an organic lifestyle is the new boujee and it is sure is not free. On the other hand of this coin is the option to undergo plastic surgery. Beauty: could a facelift benefit you.

Given that as humans we always factor gains, when making decisions you would be surprised that someone who was against plastic surgery would embrace the concept if they had the means. Especially if the result would fix their insecurities whether physical or mental. And why wouldn’t they? Along with power, money comes with the freedom to do more. More than the infamous lines we’ve all been told including; I just threw something on, I woke up like this and I just drink lots of water and exercise.

I would say that before and after pictures of people (before they were rich) would explain better why no one is ugly, just broke.

  • Money can influence public opinions

The perception of beauty is as relative as it is subjective. Money is a tool that can create/enhance aesthetics in many ways. Since we are in the world of social media where aesthetics do matter, this explains why people get inclined to discover through others, what they cannot afford or attain yet. That alone creates the basis of influence. On social media with influence comes clout and as long as your page is decorated with what people wish to have, validation is likely to come your way. Hate will come too but that’s why Finsta exists.

Nonetheless, if you are broke, let’s just say that people tend to turn away from trouble and being broke paints those problems with a whole another shade. Hint: it’s not pretty.

These 5 bizarre beauty trends that need to disappear

Beautiful black girl wearing sunglasses at the beach image from
  • Trends are expensive

Trends come in different forms; you name it. From designer items to body shapes which influence people to undergo plastic surgery. Lest we forget the influence that is pop culture which sets the bar for what qualifies as beautiful. None of these can be afforded if you are broke. Considering that the media affects and also changes perspectives of trends, class and prestige, it goes without saying that beauty and being broke are yet to share the limelight outside telenovelas.

Aren’t we taking this too seriously though? No! Because representation matters. However, it is important is to understand that individuality matters as well. What should be nurtured is not only the outer appearance but what’s inside. For that is what captures the true essence of wealth in humanity. Beauty is not skin deep. 

Speaking of beauty at all cost here’s why women will keep buying cosmetic at even higher prices. 

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