Decorative Beer Cup Designs That Can Entertain Your Guests


Beer mugs don’t have to be the classic but plain clear mugs. Sure, they’re a staple, but drinking beer can become even more fun when served in uniquely designed beer cups. If you’re having a party, you can also make your beer cups match your entire theme. You’ll be surprised by how many different ways you can present your beer cups or mugs in different themes.

To get you started, here are some of the best decorative beer cup designs to entertain your guests:  

  1. Paisley Beer Mugs

If you’re the elegant type of person (and more so if you’re a girl), you can create paisley-designed beer mugs. All you have to do is Google a paisley print. Then, copy this to your beer mug by painting on it. If you have the guts to do so! If you don’t, there are numerous waterproof sticker papers you can print on to wrap your mug or cup with paisley print.

A bonus tip is this: make your mug even more decorative by trying out other colours as well. You can go colourful. You don’t necessarily have to stick only with the blue paisley kind of theme.

  1. Coat Of Arms Beer Mugs

Does your family have their coat of arms? Most families that have traced their roots to ancient Spanish roots will also usually have one. Other than the coat of arms, it could also be any family symbolism that has been passed down from one generation to another in your family.

It’s a good idea then to have beer mugs printed in gold or silver with your family’s coat of arms. This is a unique beer mug for you to have in your home. It’s entirely personal. Plus, it can make for great gifts, too.  

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  1. Smoked Beer Mugs

Smoked beer cups or beer mugs generally are like cups that are coloured in an ombré kind of design. The shade of the specific colour it’s in gets darker in the bottom. If you can find the right stores to personalize one for you, there are even some colours that change when exposed to the cold temperature of the drink. That’s a unique beer mug to have. Serve different kinds of beer in every colour to give your guests that pleasant surprise! Right there and then in your own home, it’s like you’ve suddenly become an expert beer promoter.

You can choose from numerous colours. Or, you can stick to that one colour that’s your favourite. If you’re serving for a party, you can also choose colours that stick to your theme.  

  1. Quote-Printed Beer Mugs

No, printing quotes on cups, mugs, and glasses aren’t tacky. You have to ensure that you’re printing in readable fonts to make it legible. And do please shy away from clashing colours. Keep it plain and simple. If you’ve got a clear mug, then print in all black. That way, even the colour-conscious individuals won’t be left astounded by the multitude of words and colours on your mug.

Your quotes can vary. Some ideas include the following:

  • Inspirational quotes
  • Jokes
  • Idioms
  • Men’s humour
  1. Family Photos 

This decorative beer design works if you’re giving the beer mug as a gift to a special family member. Perhaps it’s your father or mother on their birthdays or father’s and mother’s day, respectively. Print out a photo of the celebrant with their family members. It could be their children or grandchildren. Not only does this become a decorative mug, but it’s also an extraordinary gift. Whenever they drink from the cup, they’ll be able to think of their family, even when they’re far away.

In this day and age, printing photos isn’t a norm anymore. Granted, this photo mug is and will always be special.

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  1. Cartoon Characters

You don’t have to be a kid for you to enjoy a cartoon character. Perhaps there are those characters from your childhood that you wish to bring back. Make memories alive again by printing them on your beer mugs. Your friends might have a good laugh first. But, it also makes for a great conversational piece. Truly, this is a unique idea that will leave you and friends nostalgic about the carefree childhood days.

Apart from cartoons, you can go to your favourite TV shows as well. For instance, a Viking beer cup. Take this out during viewing parties and your guests will surely want to bring home your mugs.  

  1. Basketball Or Football Team Logos

Go all out with the basketball or football fanatic items. You can have the logos of your favourite teams printed on your beer mugs. Don’t stick to just that one team you’re supporting. Include the rest of the league. It will surely make for an interesting discussion over your favourite beer! Your friends who are fans of different teams won’t feel left out because a personalized mug dedicated to their team is available just for them.


With some of these ideas and many more out there, it should be easier to have a variety of mugs on your shelf or your home minibar. You won’t have to restrict yourself only to the traditional white clear mugs that you may have. Whether it’s for temporary or permanent decorations or prints on your mugs, there’s always something for every one of your print preferences.  Let your creativity start flowing just in time for that next party!


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