Lifestyle: Why You Should Try Some Glenmorangie Whisky

From left to right. Four types of the Glenmorangie Whisky including; The Original, The Lasanta, The Quinta Ruban and The Nectar D'or. Picture courtesy; African elite group.

When it comes to alcoholic drinks, as many would say, you do not have to know what’s in your glass to enjoy it. Nonetheless, when you factor the dedication, the spirit (forgive the pun), the craft, creativity and the many years that go in for a brand to release its signature taste in the world, you have to appreciate the artistry that goes into creating the flavour that graces your glass. Especially if your glass is filled from a tall bottle of the Glenmorangie whisky. Distilled in Scottish highlands, the Glenmorangie whisky has signature notes of peach, vanilla and citrus.

This begs the question, how does one enjoy a glass of Glenmorangie whisky like a connoisseur?

  1. What’s in a name

One thing you will notice if you ever drunk in the company of connoisseurs like global ambassador Hamish Torrie is that knowledge improves the overall whisky drinking experience. That a little familiarity with how your favourite whisky came to be, opens you to the complexities and the beauty of whisky while helping you understand better the nuances of whisky drinking.

Glenmorangie meaning peace and tranquillity is made by marrying the pure mineral-rich waters of the Tarlogie Springs with local golden Scottish barley. After creating an exquisite mash, the fermented wash is then distilled in one of the tallest copper stills in Scotland. These malt whisky stills measure over 16ft to match the height of a fully-grown adult male giraffe hence the depiction of the giraffe which is always near a bottle of Glenmorangie whisky. 

From right Hamish Torrie with guests at Villa Rossa Kempinski during the Glenmorangie cocktail master session. He holds a giraffe which reflects the 5.4metres copper stills where the Glenmorangie spirit is distilled. Picture courtesy: African elite group.

This art of whisky distillery allows more contact with the copper stills where only the lightest and purest of vapours ascend to the top, creating that Glenmorangie pure and fragrant taste. This craft is reflected in the flavours, the aroma, taste and the texture of the whisky served a decade or later after maturation.

In the words of Hamish Torrie, ” The reflux of the still is what makes the lovely fruity orangey scent of the Glenmorangie whisky.”

  1. What’s in a cask?

“It’s the wood that makes the whisky.” If you didn’t hear this from a whisky lover, you read it from me.

This phrase signifies that the type of cask used to mature whisky plays a vital part in the taste/flavour and colour of the whisky in your glass.

Glenmorangie whisky, in particular, prides its signature notes (peach, citrus, vanilla) on the fact that it is matured in designer casks, which contribute to the deep and layered flavours of the fruity house style. These designer casks have a higher concentration of compounds that bring notes of vanilla, coconut, honey and almond. These same notes form the heart of Glenmorangie The Original which is bright gold in colour and aged for ten years.

On the other hand, Glenmorangie Signet, the rare spirit of espresso intensity is finished from an assemblage of rare casks. From bourbon barrels to sherry butts and charred oak casks which add the spicy backbone to the whisky. The marriage of these unique casks explains the complexity of Signet and the layered deep flavours, which work together to form that velvety explosion on the palate.

In short, you wouldn’t be wrong if you said that the real magic happens in the casks.

  1. What’s in a glass

Speaking from experience, and as a newcomer to the Glenmorangie single malt line of scotch whisky, I will say that whisky tasting is not very different from wine tasting.

Let’s start from the glass. While you can drink whisky from any glass you desire, a nosing glass helps you make the most of your experience as it directs the aromas to your nose. The appearance of the Glenmorangie whisky gives you a bit of background while the colour reflects the age of the whisky. For instance, Glenmorangie The Quinta Ruban which is 14 years old has a deep copper colour than The Lasanta which is amber in colour and 12 years old.

After checking the appearance of the whisky, swirl, and then bring the glass of whisky close to your nose. Swirling releases the aromas of the whisky while nosing begins the tasting process.

Tasting the whisky enables you to assess the character, flavour and the texture of the spirit. Therefore, let yourself feel the full flavour of the whisky before swallowing.

Another way to get the most out of your tasting session is to add a few drops of water to your whisky. Doing so helps release the aromas of the whisky, thus enhancing its taste/flavour.

Not to fret though. This doesn’t mean that beginners with no knowledge of distillery shops, location or port casks cannot enjoy a good bottle of Glenmorangie single malt scotch whisky. As a matter of fact, this is when you should seek to indulge in different flavours, to broaden your knowledge of whisky. After all, taste is subjective and the more you indulge in different flavours the more you get closer to a refined palate.

In addition, the single malt whisky brand can be used to make different cocktails, as well as pair with different types of foods and snacks at your events or parties.

Rayhab Gachango and Lusia Musau at Glenmorangie event

Unaltered by the latest inventions which speed up the maturation process, every bottle of the Glenmorangie single malt whisky is filled with the goodness of extra matured product from designer casks. The white oak casks are made from 100-year trees, which are then seasoned for a further two years after felling. These carefully selected casks are responsible for imparting the colour, creamy smoothness and a pure fragrant that is always present in the Glenmorangie array of whisky.

From Glenmorangie The Original which is matured for 10 years, to The Lasanta (12) and The Quinta Ruban (14) this brand continues to gain world recognition and awards for its uncompromising taste and quality.

Glenmorangie has been voted Master Distiller of the Year by the International Wines & Spirits Council twice in a row. It remains a brand that many continue to celebrate with newcomers identifying it as one of the most elegant single malt whisky from the highlands of Scotland.

Here’s an exclusive experience on whisky tasting with Hamish Torrie, the Glenmorangie Global Brand Ambassador.

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