I Fell In Love With Him Because He Made Me Laugh But It All Ended In Tears – Dating The Meme Guy

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I stumbled on his page on a cold July morning. I still remember feeling the cold breeze hitting my face as I left the house at 6 AM so that I could catch the first morning train to town. It had been raining all night and the clouds could hardly contain themselves because there were occasional raindrops even at this hour.

It was a rather dull morning until I found this gem; his page. As I sat in that train heading into town, I decided to log into Instagram and saw a funny meme that a friend had reposted. So I decided to check out the source page of the repost. There it was, a garden of laughter. I was lost in a world of laughter and the gloominess of the day dissipated with every other post on his page. What was a girl to do but to ‘double-tap’ the posts?

He probably thought I was a stalker because I liked over twenty of his posts. The whole time I kept wondering how one person could have such a great sense of humour. It would soon be clear that I wasn’t the only one wondering. Shortly after liking twenty posts, I got a friend request. It was him! There’s something about being followed on social media by these funny content guys that make you curious about what piqued their curiosity and made them follow you. So I accepted the request. What was to follow was a lengthy conversation followed by a date.

Image from Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/pin/815714551237058806/

What do you wear when you are meeting the meme guy?

“What if I embarrass myself and become a meme?” I asked myself.  I would soon find out. He chose a quiet and intimate restaurant, which had really beautiful décor. I half expected him to come dressed in something weird and in shouting colours but he was quite casual and well put together.  It was very difficult to keep a poker face throughout the date because he was smart and funny in real life too.

“What did you expect I would be like because you keep doing that thing with your eyebrow?” He asked.

“What thing?” I tried to feign innocence but it was rather obvious. He was impressing me without much effort.  Oh, and did I mention he was a trained engineer?

In my defence, I imagined a guy whose posts consisted of memes mainly was some type of way. You know, the kind that you have a good laugh with but never really consider having more. Well, turns out you can laugh your way into a relationship. So the next eight months were filled with laughter, lots of laughter and smiles. I would wake up to quirky humorous messages; suddenly my Netflix suggestions were all comedies. I became one of those annoying people whom you send funny things and they are like, “Oh, I saw that already! Very funny.”

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I constantly felt like I was on a high from the happiness. At first, I was very cautious of embarrassing myself in case he turned me into a viral sensation but he soon quelled my fears. It was always interesting to tell my friends what he did for a living. It was the fastest icebreaker and he got into character quite fast. He would be the life of the party. Everybody loved him and I was the lucky one. Until I wasn’t.

It turned out laughter is an aphrodisiac for many. His timelines were like a flytrap only this time he was trapping women. I could not complain about the droves of women who followed him and engaged him in conversations. In any case, didn’t I do the same even without ill motive? He also couldn’t ignore them because his influence depended on it.

There was really no way to get rid of these ‘pesky’ females. So they laughed their way into his chats, into his car, and hotels. They were everywhere. Suddenly any funny thing that he posted felt like a womanizing strategy. When he said funny things at a social gathering, I could spot the lady who laughed the loudest.

I was in a love-hate relationship with humour. Whenever we argued, he would say something that would lighten up the moment and we would forget that we were fighting. That would work until the next laughing fan would pop up.

I was now in a never-ending cycle of tears, lies, anger and laughter. Dating the meme’s guy started as a joke and now I was the joke for it. He had gotten bolder and bolder with each incident. My pals tried interventions but his easygoing demeanour would pull me right back into his web.  We had this inner joke where he’d ask me, “Who’s gonna crack you up?” Whenever he left for work and we’d have this whole yin to the yang talk. I probably stayed for the good times.

He cracked me up until I found him trying to laugh his way into my best friend’s chats. At this point, it didn’t matter if no one could ever crack me up as he did. I was fine settling for just a smile elsewhere.

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