Technology: Useful Apps You Should Consider Using Over The Holidays

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There is no better time to be thankful for technology than during the holidays. Today, we have apps for just about anything, from dealing with depression, to playing trivia, to home décor simulations, there are apps for everything. The holiday season is also easier because there are apps to help us navigate various aspects.

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Here are some apps that you will find useful during the holidays.


If you decide not to stay home for the holidays and you opt to travel to a certain destination, gives you accommodation options. not only offers you hotel options but the app also has homes. The app also gives discounted prices for many of the options. So whether you are travelling alone or with family then you can estimate how much it will cost you and you get several accommodations that fit the description of what you are looking for in the given location.

  1. Kayak

If you decide to travel for your holidays, Kayak is definitely a gem. Kayak has incredible deals and you could even set alerts to notify you on price changes. You can use Kayak to book flights, accommodation and even rental cars. You don’t have to worry about the next phase of your holiday trip because you can organize everything on one app. So it sort of acts as a trip planner. The Kayak app is available on both iOS and Android.

  1. Remember the milk

Planning family gatherings can be hectic especially if you are hosting a large group. Remember the milk helps you create a to-do list and reminds you each and everything listed in the list. The app sends you an email or a text message to remind you to maybe pick up the fruits or the rosemary herbs that you keep forgetting. All you need to do is input every single detail that you need to be reminded and remember the milk has got your back.

  1. AllRecipes Dinner Spinner

If you decide to experiment in the kitchen this holiday then AllRecipes Dinner Spinner is your plug. From breakfast ideas to cakes, to grilling and drinks, the app has many recipes that you can choose from. The recipes range from simple whip-ups to complex ones so it doesn’t matter if you are a pro in the kitchen or a novice; there is something for everyone. Signing up on the app is quite easy and you can use either your Facebook account or your Google account, whichever method you choose, it’s absolutely free.

  1. Airbnb

Similar to, Airbnb offers you accommodation options in whichever place that you decide to visit over the holidays. The reviews from guests who have previously stayed at the establishments give you more insight on the hosts and the place.

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  1. Taxi Apps

Taxi apps like Uber, Bolt, Little Cabs, Safe Boda definitely makes it to the list for obvious reasons. The holiday season includes lots of merry making and calling a cab is the safest way to avoid drunk driving accidents. With all the travelling involved, taxi hailing apps come in handy while going to new places. Safety Tips While Using A Taxi Hailing App

Whatever you prefer to do during the holidays, these apps will definitely make your life easier.

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