Skincare: The Beauty Benefits Of Snail Slime

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The skin is the largest human organ.  A lot of people would like to have clear and healthy skin especially women. When I first heard about the use of snail products on the skin I couldn’t possibly imagine someone using snail slime for their skincare. However, after learning about the benefits of snail slime to the human skin and numerous testimonials, it is probably worth a trial.

Many people know snails as a species that dwells in the garden or as food. In countries in Europe such as France, snails serve as appetizers. Farmers have taken to snail farming for food purposes mainly. However, in the recent past, many cosmetics companies have invested in making snail products for the skin due to the benefits. In the ancient days, Greek people used snails for skincare. In Chile, a group of Chilean snail farmers noticed how soft their hands had become after handling snails.  Today we have many Korean and other global brands making an array of snail products. There are masks, creams and serums from snail mucus.

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Snails produce a thick fluid, which is slimy and it is known as mucin. Mucin contains properties that are very beneficial to human skin in many ways. Here are some of the benefits of snail slime.

  1. It prevents ageing

Snail slime, which contains mucin, aids in the formation of elastin and collagen. Collagen is a protein that keeps body tissues together. It gives your skin strength. Elastin, on the other hand, is responsible for the stretching and bouncing back of your skin. This simply means elastin is responsible for the skin’s elasticity. These two elements are responsible for the human skin’s firmness and elasticity.

Your skin cells produce collagen but with age, the cells decrease the production. This is where a boost of collagen comes in. Snail slime offers additional reinforcement to your stock of collagen and elastin to help maintain the structural integrity of the skin hence that youthful look.

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  1. It helps keep your skin hydrated

The mucus secretion from snails is made up of over 90% water. This is good for your skin because it helps in keeping it hydrated. For people who have dry skin getting the right product for your skin can be challenging. Snail skincare products are good for your skin because they cater to its hydration need. Regardless of skin type, you need to keep your skin hydrated.

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  1. It helps with scars, stretch marks and wrinkles

The snail secretion contains two important components, fibrinolysis enzymes and glycolic acid, which improve scars, wrinkles, acne spots and skin lines. The two components help with nourishing the skin and removing dead cells from the surface of the skin. Using products, which contain snail slime for your skincare, will help you tackle scars from acne and surgeries.


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  1. It’s good for general skin health

Snail secretions are a powerhouse of nutrients. The secretion provides the skin with natural components, which is a growing trend globally. People are gravitating towards natural products in many areas related to the body. Your skin will benefit from the Vitamin A, manganese and vitamin E present in snail slime.

If you shave using a razor then you know how the bumps that form afterwards can be a headache. The snail slime also helps in softening out these pimples and soothes the irritation.  Skincare: 7 Tips To Avoid Getting Razor Bumps

The use of products with snail slime will also help with brightening your skin, repair damaged tissue and protect the skin from the formation of free radicals.

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