The Singlehood Series: I Found The Other Woman Driving My Car

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Have you ever been going about your day and then you see something so crazy that it disorients you for a while? You almost have to stop and check whether you’re dreaming or if it’s actually happening. It happened to me when I found another woman driving my car.

Sometimes when you’re in a relationship you do a few silly things that come to you later on, and you wonder what your problem was. Maybe that’s why they say love makes you stupid.

I would lend my boyfriend my car a lot. His job sometimes demanded that he has a car, and who was I to refuse to lend him mine?

One day I just came out of the store and saw the car. Obviously, the first thought that came to me was that it was him. I waited for a while, only to see a lady heading towards it and open it.

I was confused for a moment but then I decided to follow her and inquire. At this point, I still wasn’t suspecting anything.

“Hello, sorry this is my car,” I said politely.

“No, this is my boyfriend’s car. We use it together.”

Suddenly her tone changed and she started being rude, “I don’t even know why I am explaining because I don’t know you.”

I thought that perhaps if I mentioned his name she would believe me. So I went further to explain.

“This is my car. I bought it in 2016 and I lend it to my boyfriend sometimes. There must be a misunderstanding because it’s not his car, you are driving my car!”

By this time we had attracted a lot of attention. A lot of people were watching nearby because we were arguing loudly. She acted as though I was lying. I was so aggravated that I decided to threaten her.

“If you don’t give me my car I’m going to the police and reporting this stolen.” But that wasn’t enough to make her comply.

I tried to call my boyfriend but he wasn’t answering. The girl started to insult me and call me names. That’s when I decided to call the police because I knew that if I took matters into my own hands by getting physical things wouldn’t end well.

She eventually went off in my car. Later that day it was tracked by the police. My boyfriend then called me asking why the police were there. I didn’t give him much information but I could tell he was stressed.

He came to my place, and I decided to go on with the silent treatment.

“You don’t understand. She’s not my girlfriend, she’s my ex.”

But I didn’t respond. Neither emotionally nor physically. I just sat there and asked him to leave because I was tired.

In the end, he left and tried to call me afterwards but I wouldn’t answer. I had his stuff delivered by Uber.

His girlfriend later apologized to me. I couldn’t help but think that the police had terrified her. Or maybe she finally accepted that what I was saying was true. I decided to withdraw the charges against her.  Of course, I dumped the dude. I am not giving out my car to a man ever again.

This story is based on a story we saw on Twitter.

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