The Power Of Manifestation: How To Attract What You Want In Life

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If there’s anything I’m begging you to do while reading this post, it’s to have an open mind. Because without that, you may just think I’m disillusioned. But that’s a risk that I’m willing to take, having seen and experienced first-hand the power of manifestation.

A man had a vision board that he hadn’t looked at in years. He had put up pictures of his dream destination, house, car, job and the likes. When he was younger he put it on the ceiling of his bedroom such that it was the last thing he looked at before he went to bed and the first thing when he woke up.  Many years down the line when he retrieved it he discovered that he was living in the exact house that was on that vision board. His dream had manifested into reality.

How can we explain this without sounding ridiculous?

Over the years, man has developed a million ways of reality normalization. One would argue that it helps us sleep better at night in the comfort that “everything happens for a reason” or “the universe always has a way of working its way out.” But perhaps manifestation is the difference between what we want from life and what we actually get from it.

By definition, manifestation is an event, object or action that clearly shows or embodies something abstract or theoretical. The belief system stems from the law of attraction. Simply put, it is the ability to attract into our lives what we are focusing on the most.

There’s a book called The Secret that exclusively discusses this. If I were to summarize the book in three words I would say: Thoughts become things. What we constantly think about and talk about is exactly what we get. That would mean that if you think positively, you attract more positivity into your life.

A lady was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. The doctors had already declared her illness terminal. Throughout her chemotherapy and cancer treatment, the doctors were convinced that they could only buy her more time but she would eventually succumb to the illness. But by thinking that she was already healed and believing it fully, she was able to become completely cancer-free. If that is not a miracle then I don’t know what is.

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One of the ways to ensure that we are thinking positively is through gratitude. They say that each morning we should start our day with the words “Thank you.” You list down all the things that you are grateful for, and this helps to attract more goodness into your life.

If you imagine yourself being wealthy you will attract wealth. If you’re one of those lazy readers, there is a documentary on Netflix made out of the book “The Secret”. It uses extremely vivid and real-life examples to prove that human beings have a lot more power to attract exactly what they want in their lives than they imagine.

Let me bring it closer home. I once heard a story of an aunt of mine who, throughout her childhood, proclaimed that she would be rich. She openly said that she couldn’t allow herself to sink into poverty. This might seem like a shallow thing to say, but it’s really what she wanted. Many might argue that fate had already planned it for her, but she did end up with the life that she had always dreamed of. That is the true power of manifestation.

The trick to manifestation is to act as though you already have what you want from life. In your affirmations, use the present tense rather than the future tense. That is where gratitude comes in because gratitude demands satisfaction with what we already have rather than self-pity from what we don’t have.

I will leave you with a few of my favourite affirmations down below. Remember, you have to believe that if you say it enough times, it will come to life:

I am deserving of all good things that come to me today and every day. I am not only focused, but also super productive. I embody excellence, and everything I do is beautiful. Love flows from me and towards me effortlessly.

All is well. Everything is working out for my highest good. Out of this situation, only good will come. I am safe.

I am so beautiful in so many ways. What I have to offer is limitless. My aura is infectious. I radiate love, life, femininity, sex, youth, happiness, healing, health and strength. I am my own healer, protector, opponent and muse. I love myself. 

I am attracting money. I am receiving unexpected opportunities. Someone somewhere is selecting me to be part of a great project. I am attracting the best. My life is changing positively. Favour is locating me.

I am a money magnet. Prosperity is drawn to me.

Everything that I touch turns to gold. Someone somewhere is choosing me for an extraordinary opportunity today. My best is more than enough and I produce nothing short of excellence in all that I do and in all that I am.

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