Product Reviews: Eco Styler Gel Olive Oil

image of olive oil Eco-styler gel

Finding products that suit you specifically is always a tricky gamble. What works for one hair/skin type may react terribly on another. We can never just borrow facial/hair routines from our counterparts and expect the same results.

For me, I had to try several hair gels before I settled at one: The Eco Styler Gel Olive Oil. I had tried several other brands and none of them seemed to be working out. I experienced flaking, drying, itching as well as over-stiffening of the hair. But when I finally laid my hands on this particular product, I never looked back.

This happens to be the second tub that I’ve used and I can comfortably say that it works well on my hair.


For a tub of 710ml like the one above, you will pay between 950-1000 Kenya Shillings, of course depending on where you get it. The 473ml one costs between 500-600 shillings, again depending on the location of the store. I think that this is actually quite affordable given that it lasts a while.

I wouldn’t recommend the use of gel daily for anyone. If a person overuses it they may experience brittle hair which leads to breakage. The 710ml tub lasts me about six months, and so it is, in my opinion, value for money.


“Apply to dry or wet hair. Work desired amount through the hair and style.”

I have found that this product does not really work on my hair when dry. I would advise anyone with a similar hair texture like mine (4c) to spray some water on their hair first before use. If you use it on dry hair, you will end up using too much product and your hair may become brittle and stiff, which is prone to breakage.


The main thing that stands out with Eco Styler Gel Olive Oil is that it is alcohol-free. This is a big deal for naturalistas. Alcohol tends to weigh the hair down and reduce the amount of moisture that can be absorbed by the hair.

Eco Styler Gel Olive Oil also has traditional ingredients. Rather than its alternatives, it has very few ingredients that still perform the same way, and perhaps even better.

The main ingredients are water (aqua), carbomer which is responsible for the gel properties and the controversial Triethanolamine that is used to form emulsions.


This product claims to be for all hair types, but I can assure you that this in fact is not true. I have heard people with my exact hair texture complain about this product. For some, they experienced flaking, others tacking and others itching. So it’s a trial and error thing.

The product also claims to have maximum hold, but I have found the Eco-Styler Gel Argan Oil to work better in terms of hold, so it’s really just up to you. I am not one to completely lay my hair flat on the head and so this doesn’t bother me much.


I would suggest that you fully moisturize your hair prior to using the gel to reduce instances of breakage.

image of hairstyle using olive oil Eco-styler gel


Eco-Styler Gel and cancer?

There have been claims that Eco Styler gel has ingredients that could cause cancer. The troubling ingredient is Tetrasodum ETDA. The quantities recommended by lab reports are 1%, found in glycerin and in many food items have shown no adverse effects. However, allegations claimed that the quantities in Eco styler gel exceed the recommended amount. Further clinical arguments countered this claim, saying that hair gels are only meant for topical use and therefore there is no worry of it being absorbed into the body.

Overall Verdict

Cost- 4/5

Hold- 3/5

Ability to retain moisture- 3/5

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