You Have Until The End Of June To Get Your Smart Digital Driving Licence – Here Is What You Need To Know


The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has given a deadline for the switch to the smart driver’s licence. As of July 1st 2020, all drivers will be expected to have this licence. Drivers who have the old license will be expected to apply for the new one.

For the last century or so, the Kenyan driving licence has been contained in a red booklet. It was just a document without any security features. The new licences have been fitted with a chip, much like ATM cards that hold drivers’ information and a points system that is used to discipline drivers.

Each card will have 100 points and points will be deducted when the traffic offences are committed. When the driver has only 40 points left, the licence will automatically be cancelled.

The new driver’s licence contains personal information that includes your national identification and blood group. Moreover, it will determine the driver’s behaviour on the road. If a person constantly breaks rules on the road, points will be deducted from their database. Eventually, a person may end up having their driver’s licence revoked temporarily or permanently.

When the new driver’s license was launched, Kenyans had a choice on whether to keep their old ones or apply for the new ones. However, the new rules have made it mandatory for every driver to apply for the smart driver’s licence.

Here’s a breakdown of how to apply for the smart driver’s licence.

1. Create an account on the NTSA Citizen Self-Service Portal

You will first need to create an account on the NTSA Portal. Find out how to create one here.

2. Verify your details

Log into the NTSA account with an agent. The agent will verify the details that you have used for registration, that includes your blood type and county of residence.

3. Pay for the license

You will be required to pay 3,050 shillings for the licence.

4. Book an appointment

Once you have paid, make an appointment in any county of your choice.

5. Biometrics and Signature

At this point, your fingerprint and biometrics will be recorded. A digital picture will also be taken.

6. Printing

Your licence will then be printed.

7. Validation

You will verify your license and you are done.

Will The New Driver’s License Improve Road Safety?

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