Product Review: Forbidden Euphoria Perfume

image of Forbidden Euphoria perfume

I am a lover of scents. I think they are so attractive, and they add on to a person’s personality by giving them a fresh and striking aura.

I landed on this perfume as a birthday gift from one of my aunt’s. She got it from the States. This perfume happens to be from the Calvin Klein collection and so I knew instantly that I was going to use it as sparingly as possible. This one was only going to be for special occasions. Yeah, I’m the kind of person to keep away utensils in the cupboard for years with the excuse that they are for guests. (Cue Kenyan mothers.)

On the Calvin Klein website, the fragrance is said to be for the younger audience, dedicated to classy independent women. The composition is sexy, modern and livelier than the classic, based on the famous orchid tiger note, which is now sweetened by fruity juices.

Wow! Dedicated to classy independent women? I fell in love instantly before even opening it up. I’m almost finishing this perfume, but I can assure you that I plan on replacing it as soon as I can.

Manufacturer’s Claims

The manufacturer claims that this perfume is “Eau De Parfum” which is a perfume that contains a lower percentage of essential oils than perfume, but still a higher percentage than “Eau De Toilette.” Read more about the different types of fragrances explained here 


The perfume comes in a box that has pink, purple and a hint of silver. First of all, I really like this mix of colours. Anyone who knows me knows just how much I love the colour pink and especially when it’s a light shade. This perfume was just that. I suppose they chose the image on its backside because of its relation to the characteristics of the product: Sexy, classy and independent.

The bottle on the inside as well is very aesthetically pleasing. It has a pink and purple colour scheme which is ombre-like from the neck to the bottom of the bottle.

The Scent

I honestly really love the scent of this perfume. It doesn’t come off too strongly. It’s just enough. It has a hint of a fruity scent but not too obvious. It smells like a mix of fragrances in just the perfect amounts. The website describes its scent as sweet, floral, fruity, musky and woody in that particular order.

This was the main reason why I like this perfume. I have a problem with strong scents. I really can’t stand it when people put on too much perfume. I have allergies to strong scents and so my body is always quick to react. I think perfumes are sprayed on specific pulse points for a good reason so that they don’t come off too strongly. So I really enjoy the fact that when it comes to this perfume the scent was not too strong. Read up on Five Mistakes That Most Women Make When Wearing Perfume And How To Fix Them


If you look it up online, this perfume is currently retailing at USD 33.99-42.99. This is approximately between 3,300-4,300 Kenyan shillings. I think it’s pretty reasonable for a perfume that one would only use occasionally. Again perfumes are an investment, so you cannot expect it to be that cheap otherwise you may be compromising on the quality. Obviously, it is possible to get cheaper perfumes but this one particularly gives value for money. I have used it for the past two years and it’s just getting finished. So yes, it does last long.


This perfume smells divine.

The scent is not overbearing.

It gives value for money.


It may be hard to access this product locally.

Did you know that scents have personality attached to them? Read more about Your Scent Personality. Also, find out How To Wear Perfume.

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