9 Top Career Options For Extroverts

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An individual’s personality is a key factor to consider while choosing a career. Your personality is important in determining your career success.  Are you outgoing, social, confident and the life of the party? Then you are an extrovert. You probably enjoy working with other people more than doing it alone. Typically, extroverts thrive in social settings. Here are some top career choices for extroverts.

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1. Public Relations Specialist

A public relations specialist’s main job involves communication. The person communicates both verbally and in writing. The job also involves talking with many people and attending meetings. A PR specialist creates and maintains positive relationships with many stakeholders in an industry. If you enjoy socializing, meeting and talking to people this could be a perfect fit for you. You also need to understand people because you have to communicate in a way that resonates positively with people.

2. Lawyer

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This is a top career for extroverts. Many television shows portray this legal career mainly in courts but it involves much more than that. There’s a lot of communication. A lawyer is required to communicate with clients and conduct investigations that involve talking to various useful people in a case. It also requires reading and writing up legal documents. Eventually, there is appearing in court. Eloquence and fast thinking are important traits in court. Therefore, for an extrovert, this can be a very rewarding career.

3. Events Planner

Events planning involves logistics and dealing with people. If you are good at planning and enjoy working with people this is another good career choice. Planning events requires constant communication with clients, colleagues and suppliers. It requires understanding how to handle each group of people. Some clients are very demanding and can be very draining. You have to love dealing with people to excel in the industry. Teamwork is important in accomplishing your goals in events’ planning, so this means dealing with co-workers. This requires communication and understanding. Getting clients can also be difficult since you need to make them trust you with their event. Good interpersonal relations are essential in this career line.

4. Media jobs

Most media jobs are an excellent career choice for extroverts. Reporters, radio hosts, TV show hosts, bloggers all need to be good communicators. Additionally, most media jobs involve dealing with people from all sectors of life. One could be doing an interview so good interpersonal skills are important to ensure that the interviewee opens up. Media people go to different places to collect information and generate content. This also involves meeting new people. On the business side, there is a lot of pitching involved, which also requires a friendly personality and good communication skills.

5. Sales and marketing

It goes without saying, a successful sales and marketing executive has to be an extrovert. The industry requires good interpersonal skills, good communication that leads to people buying products. If you love meeting people, talking to people and convincing people to do things your way or think like you, then this is a good career pick. It is a difficult job because convincing people to purchase a product is difficult but with the right skills, one can succeed.

6. Teacher

Many successful teachers are extroverted people. It takes a certain personality to handle many people with different personalities at a go. When you think of a classroom, you realize there are people from different walks in life and with different personalities that a teacher has to deal with. An effective teacher understands this and tailors their teaching to fit the situation. It also involves a lot of communication. Teachers have to talk with parents, administration, other workers in the school and fellow teachers. A teacher attends meetings and related forums. It can be exhausting if one does not enjoy dealing with people.

7. Nurse

If you enjoy dealing with people and helping then this is another choice for you. Nursing is all about people. If you hate being around people then this would be a very bad choice for you. It requires creating relationships with the patients, empathising and caring for them. It also requires a person who can advise and treat the patients despite their personality. Nurses deal with people dealing with health struggles. This can be a very challenging time in life and brings out the worst in people. An effective nurse has to have compassion and love people to be able to endure some of the cases that they deal with in the course of the job.

8. Human resource specialists

This is another career choice for extroverts. Human resource involves dealing with people as an authority figure, hiring new people, training, paperwork and dealing with office cases. To succeed in this career line, communication, excellent interpersonal skills, and good judgment are skills that you should possess.

9. Hospitality careers

Hospitality careers include jobs such as hotel receptionists, waiters, casino hosts, front office attendants, tour guides, flight attendants and reservation agents. Any of these jobs require a person with an extroverted personality. The hospitality industry requires dealing with people and good communication skills. One meets new people every working day and so you need to enjoy dealing with people to excel in such careers.

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