How To Know If Your Drink Has Been Spiked

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There are defining moments in life that remind you that in a world full of evil and destruction, goodness still lives in some people. This was supposed to be a normal night out for this lady. She just wanted a solo night out, have a few drinks, enjoy the music and then go back home alone. The stranger in the bar had different ideas for her night and a spiked drink was his back up plan in case she did not agree.

He made advances but they were met with rejection. Unable to take the rejection he found a way to tilt fate to his favour. Like the skilful predator he was, he decided to drug his prey. The stranger slipped something in her drink. The effects of the drug hit her pretty first and she reacted as first as she could in that situation. She tried leaving the club but her body was failing her. Fortunately for her, a woman saw her agony and she managed to whisper that a stranger had spiked her drink and she needed help.

Life sometimes brings you the help that you desperately need and for this lady, the woman was that help. The woman waded off everyone from her. “No one should come close to her, she has been drugged,” she kept repeating. The woman stuck with the lady throughout the journey to the hospital as she seized and vomited. She stuck by her side until her family came. She was lucky enough to tell her story on social media.

However, not many are as lucky to have a guardian angel when such situations arise. We have read about them or had loved ones fall victims to this menace of spiked drinks. The topic is sometimes controversial with some arguing that the victims deserve it since they put themselves in such situations. However, some of the consequences are dire and nothing justifies this dangerous habit. Some of the drugs used to spike drinks include Rohypnol, GHB, Stilnox and Dormicum.

Signs That Your Drink Has Been Spiked

  1. Your drink’s taste has changed

Some of the drugs used to spike drinks have a bitter taste so they change the taste in your drink. If your drink suddenly tastes salty or bitter then there’s a good chance that it’s been spiked.

  1. Your drink looks misty/cloudy

Another way to tell if your drink has been spiked is if its appearance changes. If you are taking a clear drink and then it changes appearances to cloudy or misty, it has been spiked. The chances are someone has put in a drug.

  1. Your drink has excessive bubbles

Excessive bubbles are a good indication that something was slipped into your drug. It is however difficult to notice excessive bubbles if you are taking a carbonated drink. Similar to soda’s fizzing up, some drugs have the same fizzing effect in drinks. If you notice bubbles in a non-carbonated drink, it is probably spiked. Take appropriate action.

  1. Your drink has changed colour

Some of the drugs used to spike drinks cause a colour change. If you notice that your drink appears lighter in colour or a bit darker, then you should suspect spiking. Other drugs used change the drink’s colour to blue. This would be easy to use in coloured cocktails.

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Symptoms that indicate you could have been drugged

Unfortunately, depending on the alcohol levels that one has already consumed it may be difficult to notice changes in your drink. If you didn’t notice a change in your drink then here are some symptoms that you might experience if you have been drugged.

  • Drowsiness
  • Nausea
  • Confusion
  • Dizziness
  • Vision problems
  • Feeling drunk despite consuming little alcohol
  • Lower inhibitions
  • Vomiting

To avoid your drink being spiked avoid leaving your drink unattended in entertainment joints and parties. If you are having beer open it for yourself. In the event that you notice your drink has been spiked then report it to the relevant authorities.

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