Adidas For Women Fruity Rhythm Perfumed Deo Review


For the longest time, I have held the belief that using deodorant is very important. I don’t think anybody likes the stinky smell of sweat. Whether you engage in intense physical activity or it’s at the end of the day and you feel sticky, body odour should not be a problem if there’s a solution for it; deodorant.

Over time, I have also come to learn that scents communicate much about a person’s personality. Just like fashion and cars, everyone has an individual preference. Some prefer roll-ons to sprays or vice versa whereas others choose antiperspirants over deodorants.

Picking out a deodorant can be quite the task. It’s as difficult as choosing a perfume. It takes a while before you can find a scent that works for you in terms of texture, smell and one that reflects your personality. I was still experimenting on different deodorants before I bumped into Adidas for women fruity rhythm. While at my friend’s place she sprayed it on herself and the scent caught my attention.

I love fruity scents for both deodorants and perfumes so it wasn’t hard for me to try it out.

Manufacturer’s Claims

On the deodorant’s bottle, it reads 24-hour freshness. It claims that the scent lasts for 24 hrs. However, despite the Adidas for women fruity rhythm having a wonderful scent, it doesn’t last for 24 hours. It’s most effective for probably 6 hours.


The Adidas Fruity Rhythm perfumed deodorant comes in a pink and white bottle. The bottle contains 150 ml of the deodorant spray. It probably is pink because the pink colour is associated with the female gender. The deodorant packaging is simple and chic just like the content inside the bottle. The colours and design communicate energy and playfulness which are the ideas associated with the deodorant.

The Scent

Adidas for women fruity rhythm perfumed deo as the name suggests has a fruity scent. The scent is playful with hints of raspberries. The Adidas website describes it as having raspberry, cyclamen and sandalwood.

The scent is not too strong but you feel the freshness all day long. Additionally, it provides a good base scent for perfumes.


Adidas fruity rhythm costs Ksh 425. It’s however not easy to find in shops and supermarkets. After my first interaction with it, it took a while to find it until I discovered that the Naivas at Capital Centre, Mombasa Road stocks it. You can also get it online from Jumia and Amazon. The price range is similar to that of deodorants like AXE and I think it’s affordable. Other female deodorants could be cheaper though but I think it’s worth the extra Ksh. 50 or so.

Overall Verdict

This is one of my favourite deodorants. As I mentioned earlier everyone has a scent preference and mine is fruity. I really like that the Adidas fruity rhythm blends in well with my perfume and even on its own it still reflects my style. It also isn’t harsh on the skin as long as you don’t have an irritation already. I do wish more stores stocked it because sometimes I have to settle on a different deo if I can’t find it.


  1. It smells good and prevents body odour.
  2. It’s easy to carry around.
  3. The scent is not too strong.
  4. It makes you feel fresh.


  1. It’s slightly more expensive than other female deodorants.
  2. It can be difficult to find.

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