Product Reviews: Bioactive Probiotic Cucumber And Mint, Blackberry And Raspberry Yoghurts

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If you look at the dairy products section in the supermarkets you’ll notice that there is more probiotic yoghurt on the shelves. Many of the dairy product brands have introduced probiotic yoghurt as part of their products. With the current trend of a pro-healthy lifestyle, many consumers like me are looking for products that offer health benefits. So when I saw the Bioactive probiotic cucumber and mint as well as blackberry and raspberry flavours of yoghurt, I did not hesitate to try them out.

All along we have learned that bacteria are harmful. The myriad of antibacterial products can attest to the need to protect ourselves against bacteria. Some bacteria are bad but there can also be beneficial bacteria. Probiotics are useful bacteria. They are live microorganisms that have health benefits such as preventing and treating certain illnesses. The bacteria helps with the immune system as well as the digestive system. Probiotic yoghurt is yoghurt that has such beneficial microorganisms.

Product description

Bioactive probiotic yoghurt comes in a 350 ml bottle. Currently, most of the yoghurt on Kenyan shelves come in a bottle or a tumbler like cup with some having boxes. However, it’s easy to spot the Biolife probiotic yoghurt because of the distinct bottle shape. It only comes in the 350 ml bottle.

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Bioactive probiotic cucumber and mint yoghurt contain partially skimmed milk with 1.5% butterfat, sucrose, real cucumber and mint, skimmed milk powder, probiotic culture, stevia, fruit pectin and modified starch. Similar to the cucumber and mint flavour, the blackberry and raspberry contains the same ingredients but with real raspberry and blackberry fruits.

Its nutritional information per 100g is milk fat 1.3g, protein 3.g, sucrose 6.7g, carbohydrates 12.5g and energy 76kcal. However, the amounts could differ because of variations in the natural ingredients.


I am one of those people who are picky when it comes to dairy products but Bioactive probiotic cucumber and mint flavour yoghurt was love at first sip. First of all, it’s not excessively sugary; it has just the right amount of sugar. It is cucumber and mint flavour so obviously it has cucumbers and mint. Ordinarily, I only eat cucumbers in sandwiches or burgers, somewhere where they are stashed in between other things. I can’t eat a raw cucumber but in the yoghurt, you can actually tell it’s there and it tastes pretty good.

The mint also gives it that extra menthol flavour. The menthol isn’t so overshadowing the other tastes though. There is a balanced blend of the yoghurt, cucumber and mint taste. I would especially recommend taking it cold. If you’re taking it straight from a work out session or from a long hot day, it quenches that thirst just right.

I tried out the Bioactive probiotic blackberry and raspberry yoghurt out of curiosity and it was also good. You feel the berries from the scent and the taste too. They are slightly more sugary than the cucumber and mint flavour though.

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The Bioactive probiotic yoghurt is currently retailing between Ksh 115 to Ksh 125 in most supermarkets. For Ksh 115 you get 350 ml of probiotic yoghurt. It can be slightly higher if you purchase it from online shops.  Compared to other yoghurt products in the market, this might appear to be a bit costly. However, I think for the product it’s quite worth it.


  1. It contains healthy ingredients.
  2. The packaging makes it convenient to carry around without spilling if you decide not to finish all of it in one sitting.
  3. It tastes really good and delicious.


  1. It is relatively a bit more expensive than other brands.

The cucumber and mint flavour is sometimes difficult to find on the shelves but one can easily find the blackberry and raspberry flavour.

Overall verdict

The Bioactive probiotic cucumber and mint yoghurt is definitely a win for me.  The blackberry and raspberry are good too for berry lovers. I always pick a bottle whenever I go to the supermarket. I would definitely recommend it to any yoghurt lover or someone looking for a healthy drink.

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