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Master Trail is one of the best Kenyan channels to watch on Youtube right now. The name is inspired by the idea of helping the male society grow in all aspects. In other words, ‘leaving a trail for the masters to follow.’ It comprises of 5 boys with distinct and strong characters: Luigi, Obam, Jamal, Bill and K.T.

The tagline, “Empowering the voice” is a clear depiction of what they speak about. It’s a perspective from the male point of view on a wide range of topics involving relationships, sex and problems that the boy child is facing in today’s society. The popular Youtube channel has really taken off given that it’s barely a year old. It has gained over 6,000 subscribers and more than 30,000 views.

The best thing is that they incorporate humour in each of their episodes even as they discuss serious things. It’s one of those channels where you can find yourself binge-watching for hours or sneaking around to watch an episode at work. I love how they open up and show vulnerability in a society that where men are always told to “man up” as though that’s a solution to their problems.

Here are the best things about the Master Trail Youtube Channel.

  1. The honesty

One of the best things about this channel is that they discuss things extremely openly. I can’t exactly pinpoint to one situation because every episode has this characteristic. But the funniest episode that I can remember was the one where they were talking about the art of breaking up. Obam narrated a story of how he was dumped at KFC and it was hilarious. Another episode was the time where they were discussing their insecurities. Luigi said that he was once asked to “join the dots” on his face because of the many marks that his acne had left. I  also love that they speak about some unspeakable things in the African culture such as body count and whether it really matters. It’s funny to see how people have such different perspectives on issues, and it’s even funnier when the Master Trail boys do it.

  1. The humour

When was the last time you had a bunch of guys just sit and play games like “Mchongoano?” It’s been quite a while. In one of their episodes, the boys had a ‘try not to laugh’ challenge while playing this game. It was hilarious and took me way back to my childhood. This episode is promising from the start. You will be assured of laughing for the entire 12 minutes and 52 seconds. The other episode that had me laughing all through was the one titled “Who’s most likely to?” and I was more than excited to see that it had two parts. The most interesting thing to see is how men aren’t affected when they mock each other. They even laugh at it. I feel like I would be in tears within minutes.


  1. The Camaraderie (Closeness of their friendship)

It’s clear that the boys have a very close relationship. If you’re like me, you probably wonder how they don’t end up in a fight. Because sometimes the shade thrown is crazy and it leaves you wondering how they don’t get offended. They have known each other for a while. Some have even been classmates from class one. I don’t know how many people can retain a friendship for that long, I am definitely not one of those people. It’s interesting to see that they have done it and their friendship has solidified through the years. It seems like such a solid friendship that you almost want to join them. Their aura is definitely infectious because at the end of every episode you feel lighter and happy.


Image of the boys from Master trail
  1. The simplicity

I like the simplicity of their videos. It makes it even more authentic. Most times, they are hosted in the house of one of the guys. They’re usually seated on a couch, hence the name of their first video, “Five guys, one couch” It makes it so casual and easy to relate to. The distinct characters in the Master Trail also play a role in enhancing the authenticity of their content. I love that you can see consistent characters in them.

  1. The Hosts

If you have interacted with any of them, you’ll know that they’re extremely friendly and easy-going. I’ve actually seen it more than once on Twitter. People are always saying how nice and receptive they are. You would think that they would be stand-offish, but it’s the complete opposite.

This is one of those channels where I subscribed and clicked on the notification bell five minutes into their first video. It was a great discovery. There’s no doubt in my mind that great things are coming for the Master Trail boys. There are very few all-male Youtube channels in Kenya and this is one that has tapped into the industry, and successfully managed to keep people glued to their screens for hours.

You can interact with the guys on twitter at @MasterTrailKE

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