Book Review: The Power Of Positive Thinking In Business By Scott Ventrella

The Power Of Positive thinking in business

When I first got hold of this book I didn’t have a business or anything. But given the head space I was in I figured I could do with a little bit of lessons on how to think positively. It did help and to a great extent. I love that the book has so many stories, analogies and narrations that you almost forget that it’s a self-help book.

Later on, when I read it with a business in mind, it was transformational. Business can be completely draining; mentally and emotionally. That is what necessitates the need to be well read so that you understand how to deal with all the trials and tribulations that will come your way. The book was a gift to someone who seemed to be least interested in reading it and so he gave it to me.

The book has a very wide scope of topics which when practised together are almost assured of leading to business success. It explains the goal-setting process, driving power, the characteristics that will likely lead to business success, affirmation and visualization among other factors.

Scott narrates a story of how he once visited a restaurant in Atlanta. The restaurant was packed with business people who aren’t always the most patient people. The waitress was working hard, rushing back and forth, taking orders, delivering food, cleaning tables, handling money and dealing with complaints. He says that in the midst of all this workload, he noticed that the waitress was extremely friendly and kept a positive attitude. She never lost her composure even once.

He was fascinated by her composure and he asked her what the secret behind her happiness was. She brought back her order pad and on the back of the book she had attached images of her children. She told Scott that she was a single mum and those kids depended on her. Every time she felt like she was losing it she would look behind at that picture and remember the reason why she needed to do a good job.

The best thing I learnt from the book was the Self-limiting Beliefs (S.L.B’s), which are perceptions that are so deeply ingrained in us that they hinder us from reaching our highest potential. It was really eye-opening to me because I suffer from a lot of these S.L.B’s and the book gave a whole new perspective as to why they limit our potential. It also has recommendations for growing out of this mentality and rising above it.  Here they are:

  1. People must treat me fairly.
  2. I should have a little discomfort in life.
  3. It’s awful when I make a mistake.
  4. I must perform well or I’m no good.
  5. People who treat me badly deserve to be punished.
  6. I must get what I want when I want it.
  7. I cannot control how I feel.

Another thing that touched a special place in my heart was the section about affirmations. Being a strong believer, I highly resonated with this content. Scott Ventrella says that “through visualization, you build a storehouse of successful experiences by seeing what you want already in your possession. It’s like directing a movie in your mind…Everyone faces crises. By anticipating the worst we tend to freeze and become unable to function properly. But by imagining-throwing mind and heart over an obstacle-the obstacle can be overcome.”

I would highly encourage this book to anyone, not just those who are pursuing the business or entrepreneurial path. It has lessons that can be carried forward for life and lead to a lot of personal growth. Scott Ventrella managed to help me overcome negative attitudes like fear and lack of confidence and instead replace them with traits of a positive thinker. I believe that this is a transformation that everyone should be able to go through in life.

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