She Asked Him To Get Circumcised So When She Left Him He Refused With Her Certificates Asking Her To Give Him His Foreskin Back

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There’s a very fine line between appreciating your partner as he is and asking him to change things about himself. Where do you draw the line? Should you have a list, then if the boxes don’t tick you immediately dismiss him, or should you adjust your standards?

When they were courting, Sheila an Alton had the perfect relationship. They were happy, mainly because their personalities were similar. It was like they were cut from the same cloth. They were both goofy and outgoing. There were times when they would be extremely loud, and then the situation could change in an instant. They had been to several dates, and Sheila was enjoying all the attention. She loved it, and she felt like she loved him. It was one of those relationships where you just know, or so she thought…

The first night they were going to have sex, it had been an abrupt decision. They were out in the club and had been all over each other for hours when Sheila suggested that there was no longer a point in waiting. She was ready to do it.

They bid their friends goodbye and left. Sheila’s friend was against the entire idea but she soon realized that she had no say in what happened. They rushed to his house and it seemed to be taking forever.

When he pulled down his pants and she realized he was uncircumcised, she backed out a little.

“I can’t do this. I never knew you were…” She pointed to the direction of his junk.

“Never knew I was what? What have I done?” He responded

She didn’t want to say it out loud and was glad that through her gestures he eventually understood what she meant.

“Why is it a big deal? It’s the 21st century.”

“I just, I can’t. Let’s sleep and talk about it tomorrow.”

Alton pulled up his pants. He was extremely disappointed especially knowing how long it had taken to lead up to this moment.

The next day they talked about it. Sheila expressed that it was a general fear of hers. She said that she couldn’t do it, and for them to have sex he would have to get circumcised. Alton eventually agreed to do it two months later, he was really in love with Sheila so he would do anything for her.

He booked an appointment and went in on a Monday. The procedure went well and by Friday he was back home. Coincidentally the two were celebrating their sixth month anniversary on this day. He had not healed properly and so they had to keep waiting.

Two weeks later, he set up his sitting room to surprise her. When she got there she found a candlelit dinner, and as soon as she saw it she started to kiss him. The dinner was soon forgotten when they started to have sex.

The relationship was going well until it wasn’t. It had been five months since he got circumcised. At the time, Sheila was working at an organization where she met this guy and fell in love with him. It was her first job after university, and one thing led to another. She couldn’t avoid what she was feeling. She eventually dumped Alton and he didn’t take it too well.

On the day she was going to collect her things from his house, she found that they had all been arranged in a box waiting for her to pick them up. She perused through to ensure that everything was in there.

“Alton, where are my certificates? I left them here.” She said.

“Sheila, where is my foreskin? I got rid of it because of you,” he responded.

“What do the two have to do with each other?”

“Bring back my foreskin and then you’ll get your certificates,” he said.

Sheila wondered where to start. She took the box and walked away, but knew that she eventually had to swallow her pride and talk to the guy. He had her degree certificate, as well as other certificates she had acquired.

She wondered what had possessed her to get into a relationship with this man.

This story was loosely based on a story we found on Twitter

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