Equity MasterCard Holders To Enjoy A 10% Discount On Jumia Kenya

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We’ve all found ourselves adding things to our shopping cart while online shopping and never getting around to purchasing them. For me, this mostly centres on renowned hair products and additional devices for my camera. The reason why they remain on the cart for so long is because when I take a look at the total cost, I start to prioritize and end up leaving a lot of these things on the cart. Perhaps with the new partnership between Equity and Jumia Kenya, I may just be able to clear off the things on my cart, and I couldn’t be more excited.

If there’s a product that you’ve been eyeing on the Jumia e-commerce platform, then you might just want to take advantage of the partnership between Jumia and Equity MasterCard holders. The Jumia shoppers will get to enjoy a 10% discount on all the purchased items on the platform. The best thing about this promotion is that it is open to all products. So whether you want to purchase a blowdry, a refrigerator, jewellery, a guitar or a hair product, you get to enjoy 10% off of the cost of the product.  The offer will run throughout the month and end on the 31st of March 2020. So if there’s anything you’ve been meaning to purchase on Jumia, this is the time.

Jumia is one of Africa’s largest e-commerce platforms that deals in an array of products from electronics devices, fashion, foodstuffs among others. The promotion is to welcome the Equity MasterCard holders by allowing them to shop more for less. The move is in a bid to encourage the Equity members to increase their use of the card.

In addition to this, Equity has also partnered with Swahili Beach Hotel which will see its Premium card members get up to 45% discount on accommodation and all facilities at the hotel. This offer runs throughout the year until December 2020.

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