Tips For A Quarantine Skincare Routine

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With all this Coronavirus pandemic, there is a lot of anxiety going around and if you do not watch out your skin could break out due to all the stress. Speaking recently to a psychologist I learned something new. I learn that we need to be the self-compassionate meaning we should be gracious to ourselves if our daily outputs are less than we targeted and that we should prioritise self-care. This includes eating healthy by including immunity building foods, exercising to improve on movement while observing social distancing but more importantly taking care of your largest body organ, the skin.

Normal days see us using several skincare products to nourish and rejuvenate our skin. However, now, with more time spent indoors, it is advisable to adopt a minimalistic skincare routine that will still ensure that your skin is well taken care of.

Based on your skin type and age, skincare routines are different but will evolve around cleansing, toning and moisturising. An occasional exfoliating and masking of your skin will help remove dead skin, keep your skin supple and aid in the regeneration of the cells.

Pregnant mum: This can be a nerve-wracking time to be pregnant, not to mention that pregnancy comes with a lot of skin changes. Some women experience darkening of their skin, some develop acne, others experience dry skin but something that many women seem to have in common is getting stretch marks. Parenting: Nine Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy

For all these changes, especially now, expectant mothers should ensure that they drink lots of water every day and eat fruits and vegetables to nourish the body and in turn, the skin. Keeping the skin moisturised with calendula, lavender, rosemary and chamomile rich oils, has regenerative properties that improve the appearance of stretch marks and child-birth scars once they have healed.  You can get all these oils together in Bio-Oil which is great for stretch marks. Product Review: Can Bio Oil Improve Skin Health?

Younger woman: From their teenage years when there are a lot of hormonal changes, young ladies should be trained on how to take care of their skin to avoid breakouts.  A good homecare regime must include cleansing and moisturising. This skincare regime should be used into the 20s and 30s. How To Look 20 When You Are 30.

Health and skincare therapist, Winnie Taylor who has been demonstrating how to do D.I.Y facial treatments while under lockdown, has been involving her teenage daughter in the skin cleansing routine. This helps train the young lady to maintain and care for her youthful skin which as great benefits if the skincare regime is used into the 20s and 30S. Winnie recommends a weekly body scrub. Dry skin can accumulate dead skin which inhibits the absorption of oils. A scrub can either be purchased ready-made or can be a home-made recipe of sugar and a little oil. Gently use the sugar mixture to scrub your whole body. Be intentional about using a scrub on your hand weekly. Be gentle with skin after a scrub and dab or pat dry the skin. After this apply the oil and your skin will thank you later.

Older woman: In your 40s and 50s, your skin is begging for moisture and nourishing.  As our body functions slow down, age starts to shows on our skin. It is important to create an oil and moisture balance to keep your skin glowing with confidence and positivity. Nourish your skin with an oil that is infused with Vitamin A and E, which stimulates skin rejuvenation and renewal through collagen formation. Beauty: Why You Need Vitamin E In Your Skincare Routine

Men: With the stay home government directive, the men are walking around in t-shirts and overgrown hair and beards. Regular shaving the right way is good as it not only improves your looks but also gives you a well-groomed appearance. Buy a good shaver and use it according to the manufacturer’s instructions for it to give optimum service. When you shave, pull the shaver – preferably with two or more blades – in the direction your beard grows, for a smoother shave. One should try not to back-over an area already shaved in order to avoid scraping the skin. Since visiting the barber may not be an option in these days of quarantine, “opt to use a shaving cream or cream on the face, rather than soap, and rinse with cold water,” says Evelyn Murimi, Bio-Oil Kenya’s Brand Manager. Beards: Do’s and don’ts of grooming facial hair

*Bio-Oil is non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic, making it suitable for sensitive skin. Bio-oil is infused with Vitamin A and E which benefits ageing skin, stimulates cell renewal and skin hydration by replenishing the skin’s natural oils as well as improving the appearance of stretch marks and scars.

By Kristina Sonya

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