The Singlehood Series: She Found Out That Her Ex-Boyfriend Had Hacked Her Social Media Accounts

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Celia had been dating this guy for a while. He was just her type. Tall, geeky and he wore glasses. He was extremely smart, and maybe that’s what attracted her to him when they first met. His name was Tonny. She had been eyeing him for a while, and one day they met at the cafeteria. She was seated by the corner. He walked up to her and asked if he could sit next to her. Little did he know that her heart was melting, and that he had made her day just by sitting next to her. That’s when they first started talking. They exchanged numbers and their friendship started there.

He was working in the I.T department, and Celia was in the marketing department. They saw each other once in a while and soon enough became lunch buddies. Almost every other day they would meet at the cafeteria to eat. Celia’s colleagues were so convinced that they were dating and they were a little jealous. Apparently everyone had been eyeing this guy and now this killed all their hopes. Without even noticing, Celia started to feel jealous every time she saw him speaking to other girls.

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One thing led to another and the two of them started dating. They were both officially off the market. Things were going great. It was the early honeymoon stages of a relationship where you go everywhere and do everything with each other. Celia even introduced him to her mum. That’s how serious their relationship was.

However, all along they had ignored one fact that eventually brought them problems constantly. Celia loved to party. She was out in the club just about every night. On the other hand, Tonny preferred to stay home. His idea of a perfect night was movies and popcorn while cuddling at home. So eventually when the “honeymoon stage” was over, Celia started going out every chance she got. Tonny was okay with it initially but soon enough, he started to feel insecure about it.

“Must you go out every night? Why can’t we just hang out together at home like a couple that’s in love?” He asked.

“You knew I was like this when you started dating me. In fact, we used to go out together. Stop acting like a grandfather. Let’s go,” she responded.

They came to a concession when he agreed to go with her. When they got to the club, he was such a bore. He sat and sipped his drink. He never even once got up to dance or sing along to the songs.

“I’m tired, let me go and sleep,” he said.

She walked him out to get his Uber. To be honest, she was feeling relieved.

The next morning Celia woke up to a daunting headache. Her phone was ringing extremely loudly and she wondered who would be calling her so early.

“Hello, hi!” Tonny asked.

“Hi. Why are you calling this…” she asked, but he interrupted.

“Why did you drink shots from a random guy? Do you know how dangerous that is?” He asked.

She wondered where he had gotten that information from. The only person who knew the story was her best friend who was in The States. She had texted her about this guy who had insisted on buying the shots.

She decided to let it go. She apologized and said she wouldn’t risk her life that way again. But the same thing happened another time.

This time, she went to the club with a bunch of her friends, and among them, there were about three guys. She hadn’t told Tonny that because she knew he would overreact. She tried asking him to join them, but he turned down the offer. It wasn’t surprising to her at all.

The next morning when she woke up she got a text from Tonny.

Why didn’t you tell me you were also going with T.J and his friends?

She wasn’t in the mood for arguing so she decided to ignore it. He eventually ‘forgave her’ and the relationship went on as usual and maybe even stronger than ever.

Months later, Celia was out in the club. She had had one too many drinks and she ended up cheating on him with another guy in the backseat of his car. On her way back home, she had texted her best friend telling her that she messed up and that Tonny would never forgive her.

Coincidentally Tonny went completely silent and didn’t say a word for two days. On the third day, he called to ask her if she could visit, and she was hopeful that they would sort things out. She planned to order takeout, but Tonny stormed into her house an hour earlier than expected.

“Who did you cheat on me with? Don’t lie to me. Tell me!” He said loudly.

Celia confessed and told him what had happened. He stormed out of the house in annoyance, and he didn’t talk to her again.

One day, Celia was with her friend and trying to log into her email. Somehow she had forgotten her password so she opted to follow the instructions to reset the password. The email redirected her to a text sent to the phone number that had been put in, and when she checked, it was Tonny’s phone number.

The same thing happened months later as she was logging into her Instagram. The password was sent to his email, and this was when she put two and two together. Tonny had hacked into her social media and all other applications. That’s why he was always in the know about things which she hadn’t disclosed to him.

She picked up her phone to confront him. initially, he tried to deny it, but soon enough he confessed that he had hacked her accounts and he had been monitoring every single text, DM and phone call that she had sent.

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