Tips On How To Maintain Strong And Healthy Nails

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Some say that you can judge a person by their nails. The majority of women will have different kinds of nail art on their finger and toenails. A number may also prefer to keep them short and neat. These days men also pay more attention to their nails by having simple manicure and pedicure a couple of times in a year. Regardless of whether you treat your nails like a canvas for artwork and expression or you prefer them short, healthy nails are a concern for all of us.

Sometimes bad nail practices are enforced by the nail professionals that we trust with our nail care. These healthy nails tips will ensure that you have strong nails.

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  1. Keep your nails clean and dry

Almost every lady can testify to ruining their nails after doing dishes, cooking or washing clothes. This is because prolonged exposure of nails to water leads to split nails. The moist condition can also create a breeding ground for bacteria. To maintain healthy nails try to keep your nails dry and clean. If you do not have help with the chores around the house, no need to worry, you too can have healthy nails. Use cotton-lined rubber gloves when doing chores like cleaning the dishes or cleaning surfaces. Avoid contact with harsh cleaning chemicals too.

  1. Spare your cuticles

It’s common practice to cut the cuticles while grooming nails. Many nail professionals cut or push the cuticles back but this is a mistake according to some dermatologists. The purpose of cuticles is to create a natural barrier to fungus and bacteria in the nails. Cutting cuticles increases the chances of bad infections to the nail bed. This can lead to damage which can sometimes be permanent. If you desire healthy nails then do not cut the cuticles entirely. Furthermore, manipulating the cuticles sometimes leaves your nail looking red and it can also be painful.

  1. Moisturize

Nails break due to lack of moisture. To maintain healthy and strong nails apply oil on your cuticles and nail bed. When you apply lotion on your hands ensure that you apply it under your nails at the tips. Moisturizing reduces chipping and splitting. 6 Ways To Reduce Nail Damage

  1. Watch what you eat

Eating healthy ensures that you are getting nutrients in all parts of your body including your nails. Ensure that you eat foods rich in minerals such as vitamin B7, also known as vitamin H. Such foods include eggs, peanuts, milk, sardines, cauliflower and pork.

  1. Use quality nail products

Whether it’s nail polish or nail remover, some nail products contain chemicals that are harmful to our nails. It’s easy to pick just any nail product and use it on your nails because it’s readily available or for cost reasons. However, you need to reconsider this if you desire healthy nails. For example, some products contain acetone and toluene which are bad for your nails because they leave your nails fragile. Keep off such products.

  1. Limit acrylics and gel polish

Gel polish and acrylics are very convenient because they last longer. However, they weaken nails. With gel polish the use of UV light to dry the polish which leaves the nails dry. Additionally, there are also cancer concerns. The skin around the nail which provides it with support ages due to the exposure. If you really need to use gel on your nails then it’s advisable to apply sunscreen. Beauty: Why You Might Want To Reconsider Those Beautiful Gel Manicures

  1. File your nails correctly

If you are extra concerned with your nails, a nail file is part of your grooming kit. However, your nails file and filing habits could be ruining your nails. To maintain healthy nails, file your nails in one direction only to prevent them from becoming too weak. It’s easy to file them in a back and forth motion but this is wrong.  You also need to make sure that the nail file is not a high grain file as it causes breakage. Use a soft nail file.

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