Would The Past Stay In The Past Or Would It Ruin The Perfect Love Story?

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Bianca and Bob had the most wonderful love story. Theirs was a story that proved the theory that love is blind. The universe brought them together from opposite ends of the earth and together they created something beautiful. Everyone who heard their story was left in awe, some asking the exact prayers that she had used in asking for a life partner.

You see, Bianca and Bob met through the phone. Bianca worked as a receptionist in a huge company. She had worked there for the last ten years and was now about to hand in her resignation letter to pursue her education. She had saved enough money to take up a course at the university. Luckily she also found a part-time job meaning that she would have the time to do both. Bianca was tired of her current job and looking forward to the next. The men in her office kept making advances at her, and she was least interested. You would think that they would have given up by now. But now, ten years down the line, they were still begging for her attention. But you couldn’t blame them. She had an adorable face and a matching body. There was just one problem. Bianca had a bad heartbreak years ago when she was younger and so she vowed never to invest her emotions in a man again.

On the other hand, Bob was working in a different country as a communication officer. He loved his job. He was an extrovert and so he made very many friends in the short period that he had been there. His life was simple. Work, home and occasional outings with his workmates. He was a man of integrity. He worked hard and the output of his work was evident. Within no time, the company was making huge profits and this success was attributed to his hard work and brilliance. His love story was different. He had been involved with this girl who became very sick and eventually she died. He was left completely heartbroken and had not been interested in moving on in terms of his romantic life. He said that he had loved and lost, and those memories were enough for his lifetime.

“Hello,” Bob said.

“Crystals Limited, hello,” Bianca responded.

“Who am I speaking to?” Bob asked in a manner that sounded rude.

“Well, who would you like to speak to?” Bianca answered, and then Bob hang up.

That was how they first spoke to each other. Bob had been calling to speak to the marketing manager regarding a partnership that had been discussed earlier. Unfortunately, Bianca was in a bad mood after one of her bosses spoke to her rudely. She was staring at the clock waiting for her shift to end. Then he called again.

“Hello, hi. I’m sorry if I was rude,” Bob said. Bianca couldn’t help but notice that he had a deep masculine voice, and she was impressed.

“Sorry, who would you like to speak to?”

“Mr. Weris please.”

“Well, he’s not around. He left earlier. Would you like to leave a message?”

“Yes just ask him to call me back, thank you.” He gave her his information and then he hung up.

Bianca put the phone down but she couldn’t help but wonder what he looked like. His voice was therapeutic to listen to and she immediately found herself feeling much better. She zoned out for a few minutes and when she checked the clock next, it was time to go home. She picked her bag and started packing her things. She was ready to leave, and then she heard the phone ring again.

“Hello, hi it’s me again,” Bob said.

“Yes. How can I help you?” She asked.

“You can help me by giving me your number. I don’t know, I might be crazy, but you have a beautiful voice and I would like to get to know you,” he said.

Bianca would have caved in. But as a receptionist, she had heard those lines over and over again. She wasn’t going to fall for this one. She hang up and walked away. She had been waiting all day for this moment, and now she couldn’t wait to get home and take a bath with some wine and Jhene Aiko music. What puzzled her though, was that she had the same sentiments as Bob. She had felt something in her stomach when they first spoke, almost like butterflies. She pushed those thoughts far away and tried to refocus but she couldn’t bring herself to do it.

The next Monday, Bianca was minding her business when she saw a man in a suit walk through the door. The first thing she thought was that he was cute. She looked up and then down again when she realised that he had seen her looking at him. When she looked up again he was still staring her direction. He was walking towards her when suddenly the manager, Mr. Weris walked in.

“Good afternoon Bob.”

“Good afternoon,” Bob responded.

“This way please,” Mr. Weris said leading him towards a room.

All this time Bianca had not realised that he was the Bob she spoke to a few days ago. All she knew was that he looked good and he had a striking aura.

A few minutes later he walked out of the room with Mr. Weris. He subtly dropped a card at Bianca’s desk and when she checked, it had a note attached.

“I knew that that beautiful voice was accompanied by an even better face. Call me.”

That was how they met, and now, a year down the line, he had proposed and the wedding was set to be in a few weeks. Bianca had it all planned out. Well, she had always dreamed of a wedding with her ex but that didn’t work out. Now, she could only thank the heavens for bringing a man as amazing as Bob into her life. He was tall, chocolate skinned and had a small afro. He had two dimples on either side of his face. His personality matched his looks. He was witty and intelligent. In short, Bianca considered him a miracle.

It was now the morning of their wedding day. They had planned a beachfront wedding, with lots of flowers for the occasion. Bianca was getting dressed and she looked like an angel. Her bridesmaids looked like goddesses. It was hard to believe that they were a group of friends who were all nothing short of gorgeous. They wore long baby pink dresses with detailing on the bodice. They had matching hair, natural hair puffs held up at the top.

On the other side of the Town, Bob and his groomsmen were getting ready. Bob and Bianca had agreed to match their outfits with a small section of matching Ankara. It worked out. Excitement was in the air.

Bianca and her team had not realised what time it was until one of the aunties came rushing into the room. It was 2.30 pm and they were supposed to depart at 2.00 pm.

A trail of cars sounded at the Hems Beachfront Apartments at about 3.30 pm. There was a lot of traffic on the way. But all was forgiven when the bridesmaids got out of the car in their flawless makeup and beautifully sewn dresses.

They all lined up preparing to walk towards the location of the church service.

On the other side, a lot more was happening. Bob had been in tears for the last hour. He claimed to be overwhelmed by all that was happening. If anyone had told Bianca that he was a mess, she would probably have become overwhelmed as well. Ironically she was the composed one and ready to marry the love of her life.

The song started to play, and the audience was notified. One by one the bridesmaids walked past the beautiful seats as the crowd smiled and cheered them on. It was amazing to see everyone so happy. Bob had tried to compose himself but it was evident that there were tears in his eyes. The bride was still in the car.

Once the bridal party was done, Bob suddenly walked towards the church minister and asked for the microphone.

“I’m very sorry to waste your time, but this wedding won’t be taking place,” he said as he started to cry again.

Bianca didn’t know what was going on. She got out of the car and towards the venue accompanied by her father. She was ready to walk down the aisle when she realised that everyone was looking dull and some even crying.

“What’s going on?” She whispered to her father.

“I don’t know darling,” he responded.

Bob walked towards her with tears in his eyes. “I’m sorry I have to do this Bianca. I love you, but I can’t get over my ex. I’m sorry,” Bob said and then he ran off.

Here is part 2 – Would The Past Stay In The Past Or Would It Ruin The Perfect Love Story? (Part 2)

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  1. I was so engaged in this story 🔥I felt like I was in it! It would have been amazing if the story was longer 😭. The suspense 🙆‍♂️. Please tell me there is a continuation to this😁