How To Ensure That Your Relationship Survives Cabin Fever

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For many people, the problem is usually looking for extra time to spend with your partner. However, in the case of holidays or an epidemic requiring social distancing like the one we are currently experiencing, the problem becomes too much time together. As an individual cabin fever can drive you crazy but what happens when both you and your partner are locked up for a long time? Such times can strain a relationship. Here are a few tips to ensure that your relationship survives cabin fever.

  1. Get creative in showing affection for each other

Spending too much time together can bring about a feeling of monotony. You have to go the extra mile to keep things interesting. You can do things such as leaving notes for each other. If you wake up before the other person you can leave a note with a goofy or love message on the pillow for them to see when they wake up.

You can also do something like curate a playlist with songs that mean something to both of you or your partner’s favourites. Since you are spending so much time together, the idea is to do something that sparks a conversation and lightens the mood.

If you are a couple with children part of showing affection is showing understanding for the other person’s feelings. One partner could be tired from running around the house with the kids. In a situation like this one, understand this by providing a relaxing atmosphere.

  1. Spend time apart

Despite being locked up together in the same house for long periods, purpose to spend some time apart. If one of you or both of you are working from home then this is easy for you. However, if you both have nothing to work on then find things to do alone. Stay in separate rooms for a couple of hours doing something solo. You could read a book, work out, tend to a chore or even nap. Spending some time apart can get you out of each other’s faces for a while. So when you spend time together again it feels like a fresh experience.

If you have children then take turns by one staying with the children while the other one gets some breathing space. Helping each other in this way reduces the amount of stress that cabin fever breeds. It also makes you feel like your partner understands your needs.

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  1. Have a positive mindset

Cabin fever generally makes some people feel anxious and stressed. Stress brings out a lot of negative traits and feelings in people. If your relationship is to survive cabin fever then you need to have a positive mindset. You can decide to look at it as the time you often try to curve out from your busy schedules, so enjoy being together. Whenever a negative thought crosses your mind, look for a positive one to counter it.

  1. Engage in foreplay

You could be in a house with other people around such as children or other relatives. If sex was your idea to tackle cabin fever then it can be a tricky idea with all those people around. So engage in foreplay. Tease each other, send those naughty texts because even though sex might be off the table the foreplay keeps you connected.

  1. Find things to do together

This is a perfect time to do things together. Whether it’s just the two of you or you’re together with your children, you can work on a DIY project together. You can also cook together where everybody has a role to play in the preparation of the meal. If it’s just the two of you have dinner in the house simulating a night out or a dinner date. You could also seat together and watch sunsets.

Just because you are together in the house it doesn’t automatically mean that you are doing things together. Purpose to be present in the moment, whether it’s a sad moment where you are feeling scared together or the good ones. Going through things together will make you stronger as a couple.

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