Fashion: 5 Casual Smart Ideas For Men

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The casual smart idea revolutionized the fashion industry for both men and women. It is typically comprised of well-fitting, neat and appropriate pieces that are slightly less formal than a business casual or business professional dress code. The versatility of this style makes it appropriate for very many occasions and that’s probably why it’s so popular. If you’re trying to look dapper and still maintain some casual aspects in your outfit then you should probably try out the casual smart style.

Here are five casual smart outfit ideas for men.

  1. Blazer and jeans

This trend has particularly been used across all genders. It’s an amazing look and can be worn on many occasions. To make it look more stylish, try as much as possible not to wear the same shade of blazer and jeans. You can try a brown jacket with dark black jeans, or any other contrasting colours. You can also wear your shirt in a stylish way by opening the first few buttons if you’re going for an even more casual look. You can also pair this up with a coloured belt of your choice, as long as it doesn’t look out of place with the other colours that you have worn.

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  1. Turtle neck and blazer

Here’s one of my favourite outfits. The turtle neck or poll neck has recently regained its popularity and I love to see it. I find that men who go for this outfit look very composed and stylish. The best thing? It’s very easy to pair up because you just substitute it for the usual formal boring shirt. Make sure that your turtle-neck is made from very good quality. It would look even better if you pair up a dark shade of the turtle neck, such as black or navy blue, with a lighter shade of the blazer. This outfit works perfectly even for the cold season.

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  1. Sweater and shirt

Here’s another trendy idea for men’s wear. The sweater and shirt. Usually, the sweater brings in the casual aspect to the outfit while the shirt maintains its formal aspect. When putting together it looks very stylish. It looks even better when the first button of the shirt is left open. Again this outfit looks best when you use contrasting colours of the sweatshirt and shirt because it makes it visible. It works for almost all weather: hot, cold and confusing weather. Because if it’s cold in the morning and then the sun starts to come out you can easily remove the sweater.

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  1. Chino pants and a polo shirt

This outfit is possibly a classic match. Pairing chino pants with a polo shirt brings out both the aspect of formal wear and casual wear. By doing so it makes it extremely versatile. Think about it. You can wear this to work, school, to cocktail parties and many other places. To spice it up you can also add a fitting belt. You can choose to contrast the colours or to go for the darker shade, but again contrasting colours such as white and brown, navy blue and brown or even black and white brings out the best in the outfit.

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  1. Suit and trainers

This outfit is slowly gaining momentum. If someone had pitched this idea a few years back they would probably have looked crazy, but now the outfit is seemingly fashionable, and we love to see it. It’s quite simple actually. You wear your suit as you would have but instead, you pair it up with trainers rather than formal wear. For this particular outfit, it is better if you wear dark colours and then pair up with a lighter shade of shoes. That way you draw attention to the shoes which is what is unique to the outfit.

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