How Men Can Help Out With Household Chores

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For many years women have had to carry the greater burden of household chores and responsibilities. People will often use the term house management when referring to the woman’s tasks in the house. This entails the mental, emotional and physical organization of the household. The woman in the house thinks of everyone’s needs, preferences and then does what is needed to complete these tasks. A woman is supposed to figure out everyone’s nutritional needs, buy groceries, cook and ensure that everyone has their meals without receiving any help with household chores. Most women also have full-time jobs in addition to these tasks. This has led to the coining of the term mental load.

Women have increasingly complained about their male partners not taking up enough roles in the house. The sharing of chores in a relationship is a big factor that contributes to a couple’s happiness. When the issue is brought up many men say, “You should have asked.”  While communication is important sometimes it is obvious that a partner requires help. Here are ways that men can help out with household chores in order to reduce the burden.

  1. Choose chores that you can do

 A couple needs to sit and discuss the sharing of household chores. This is not a one size fits all type of situation. Some women take pride in handling the entire household’s management and that’s absolutely fine. However, many women want help. As a couple, you can come up with a list of tasks that need to be done daily or weekly. Choose the tasks that you can do depending on your preference ability and your schedule. You know what you are naturally good at, pick a task that utilizes those skills.

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  1. Learn a skill that aids with house chores

A major problem with sharing household chores is specialization. For example with cooking, it is common to find men who can’t cook so they cannot help with this task. Lack of skills means that the other partner will always have to do this task despite the circumstances. As a man, you can also help around by learning a skill. This will make it easier to share tasks. 6 Reasons Why You Should Date A Man Who Cooks

  1.  Follow through with your tasks

If you agree to take on a given task in the house follow through. Asking your partner to remind you is the same as having them do it all together. For instance, if you agree that you will take the children to the playground then take up the initiative to know what you need to carry instead of expecting your partner to organize everything.

  1. Outsource

If you have the financial capacity to outsource then get someone to do some chores. Whether the woman of the house has a full-time job or not managing the household can be a great source of stress.  You can get someone to do the cleaning, cooking and take care of the children for several hours. Getting help from outside should come without judgment.

Many men will argue that providing financially is difficult and it exempts them from household tasks. While financial provision is a huge part it is important for a couple to have a discussion about this – it is one of the conversations one should have before marriage or cohabiting – 6 Things To Consider Before Moving In Together. For some couples, the man takes up finances and the woman does the household management. However, for many couples, women would prefer and benefit greatly if men took up more chores in the house.

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