The Singlehood Series: She Found Out That Her Best Friend Was Dating Her Ex-Boyfriend

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What are your criteria when it comes to choosing a friend? I would imagine that loyalty would be at the top of that list. When it comes to a best friend, the stakes go up even higher. You probably want someone who thinks like you and pushes you to do better and be better. But what happens when your best friend of over three years goes behind your back and deceives you?

Fiona and Chris had a fling for the longest time. It was more than two years. Both of them were in denial and scared of commitment. They hang around each other and talked to each other every day, but when it came to deciding to be in an exclusive relationship none of them were ready. One would easily just say that this was an open relationship, because both of them flirted and were involved with other people, and it wasn’t a secret.

Deep down, however, Fiona loved this man and she got jealous seeing him talking to other girls. She had spoken to her best friend Clara about him a million times. She told her almost everything that happened between them. Whenever they fought, Clara would be the first person to be told. She gave great advice and seemed to be pushing for Fiona and Chris to finally decide to be in a relationship.

However, Fiona had been involved with a different guy and she thought that she was also falling for him. Because she was going through a rough patch with Chris she chose to focus on this other guy. She didn’t hide anything from her best friend. She showed her the pictures of this new guy, and Clara went ahead to stalk him on Facebook.

A few months down the line, Clara was suddenly talking about Chris as though they were friends. According to her, he private messaged her and they hit it off. However Fiona didn’t think too much of it because her attention was now shifted to her new man. But that didn’t work out. They broke up and she was soon single again.

Fiona and Chris had a relationship that was way too predictable. They would talk for a few months, argue, completely go M.I.A. on one another, and then eventually they would reconcile. The cycle would begin again. So when Fiona broke up with her man, she started talking to Chris once more. This time they had both learnt to value one another. They eventually decided to commit to one another in a relationship.

The two of them were in a stable relationship for several months before they mutually agreed to part ways. It wasn’t that things weren’t working, but their relationship thrived on uncertainty and now that things seemed to be solid they lost the spark.

A few years down the line, Fiona and Clara’s relationship had dwindled. No one understood what had happened, but one day Clara just woke up and decided that she didn’t want to be friends anymore. Fiona was okay with that. By this time she had learnt that no one owes you anything, and being a social butterfly she had plenty of friends, so that wasn’t a problem at all.

One day, Fiona’s other friend had visited her at her house.

“Did you see Clara’s Instagram post?” She asked.

“Which post? I think she blocked me,” Fiona responded, trying to avoid the topic. Deep down she had a feeling that there’s a good reason as to why Clara had ghosted her that way.

“She’s with Chris now. Your Chris.”

To be quite honest, Fiona didn’t want to see the pictures. In her head, what she didn’t know would not hurt her. But the fact that her friend kept on persisting didn’t make things any better.

She looked at images of the two of them, captioned with long lovey-dovey messages. They were celebrating their third-month anniversary together.

“The audacity!” Fiona said.

These were the only words that she could let out at the moment. Deep down, she felt deceived and betrayed, but anyone would feel that way. I guess Della was right when she sang that Mafeelings song about her best friend betraying her.

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