Technologies That Changed The Image Of The Gaming Industry

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Gaming is known to be among the first-row industries that changed the face of economy and business. As the years go by, the influence of technology plays a significant role in the casino industry. The development of online casino platforms has enabled players to have remote access to games from the comfort of their home. The rise and influence of technology have modified many aspects of the online gaming environment. However, there are new techniques that have changed the way we experience gaming and tech. Here are few of them that directly influenced the technological trends.

Facial recognition

Casino games are activities that involve many financial concerns, and because of this, frauds are quite common. Hackers have used different methods to steal players’ identities and financial data while being completely unnoticed. This problem has been moderated with the help of facial recognition, a technology that it’s on the way to reshape the security in casinos. A camera software with a specific lens tool has the ability to recognise faces and alert if notices something suspicious. This method has also been used successfully in land-based casinos where faces were discretely scanned from a long distance. With its effectiveness and precision, scammers can’t camouflage or infiltrate inside the playing halls.

This gives players the needed confidence to play and feel safe in the gaming environment, no matter if they are online or in a land-based venue. This is a very expensive facility that demands specific and confidential maintenance. However, the implementation of this technology turned out to be very profitable in the long run, detecting and avoiding possible frauds.


These state of the art technologies require smart electronic devices, and one of those that we carry everywhere with us is, of course, our smartphone. Smartphones have become an indispensable tool in our daily lives. These tools and devices along with the help of internet connection will improve and enhance your gaming experience. With these tools, users can easily check whether there is a free table at the nearest casino or find out more about the global positioning of a casino venue. The use of technology in these cases makes it much easier to locate and request a service. On the other hand, casinos are able to locate the high rollers and offer them personalised, first-hand services.

Entry options without vouchers or tickets

Back in the days if you wanted to enter a casino, it was necessary to use one of the traditional payment methods. Visitors get one ticket vouchers that have to be kept until they leave the place. With the rise of technology, new tools have emerged to replace these payment methods with highly effective and acceptable processes. The new system is implemented so that people don’t need to carry money in their pockets if they want to visit a casino. This way they would feel safer and more secure, and at the same time avoid being the target of scammers.

Casinos have also implemented their own internal transaction processes. It represents a kind of philosophy for casinos not to use actual money in order to operate. All players history and profits are saved in a chip, card or a coupon. Players can also opt in to change it or trade it if they want. The utilities of these cards also serve to cover expenses in casino restaurants, stores in the complex or playing different games.

Online platforms

Online casino gaming has largely replaced traditional casino experience. Thanks to the emergence of online platforms, people from all over the world have access to different casino platforms and operators without leaving the comfort of their home. Traditional casino games like slots can be found in different variations. Players can choose from up to thousand slot themes and designs, offering attractive bonus no deposit offers or free spins that differ from the ones in a land-based venue. In addition, many games have options where you can accumulate points, which can result in free spins, bonus offers or symbols, depending on the game.

The development of online platforms opened the doors for many industry fields like data science and e-business. The use of big data in casinos is quickly making data management effective and easy. Through loyalty cards and online profile preferences, providers are able to collect important information about their audience. With information such as time spent online, placed deposits or frequently played games, casinos can offer more personalised services. This can be further used to roll out a powerful marketing strategy or to improve the security of online casino websites.

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