The Kotex She Can Online Concert Brought Music Fans Together In The Midst Of The Covid-19 Pandemic

image of Wendy Kay at the She Can Concert

Last year, the Kotex brand launched a global campaign dubbed #PeriodOrNotSheCan to emphasize that periods should never get in the way of a woman’s progress. In line with this, they incorporated the “She” symbol into the logo in honour of women everywhere. Speaking at the event to formally launch the new-look pack designs, Christopher Waithaka Senior Brand Manager, Feminine Care Category – West, East & Central Africa said, “Through the #PeriodOrNotSheCan’ campaign, Kotex seeks to drive conversation around period stigma with the intention of underscoring our belief, that a period should never get in the way of any woman’s progress.”

With this in mind, they launched the ultra-long sanitary towels which have since become a favourite among the consumers. They also held a red carpet gala ceremony to honour 12 women nominated to receive the “She Can” Award at a red carpet gala ceremony. The event was aimed at celebrating, honouring, and awarding women who break the glass ceiling to achieve their dreams and motivation while motivating others to do the same. The awards were created to cheer on women for courageously achieving unique success in their respective fields.

This year, however, with the Coronavirus pandemic and the restrictions that have come with it, Kotex Kenya chose to launch the nomination of the She can honorees through an online concert. Kotex recognises the role of women in the public health space who are working day in day out to help us flatten the curve. The concert was held on the 14th of May on their social media pages, including Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. Here are some of the highlights of the concert.

image of Patricia Kihoro at the She Can Concert

Patricia Kihoro, who is a content creator, singer, and actor was the MC of the day. She looked gorgeous in her “blow-dry” hair and beautiful outfit from Shop New Level. Other than that she did an amazing job taking us through all the speakers at the event. She was engaging and witty, and all in all the best M.C they could have chosen.

The first part of the concert was a conversation between the M.C (Patricia) and different women including Sharon Mundia, Azziad Nasenya, Wabosha Maxine, and Sarah Ochwada. The ladies all looked gorgeous! It was interesting to see that in their different capacities, they all had very interesting take homes and lessons for us. Azziad, for example, talked about dealing with cyberbullying and advised all the viewers to focus on the positive rather than the negative. On the other hand, Sharon Mundia explained how she discovered that the fact that she is now spending more time at home is an opportunity for her to create more content.

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image of Emma Cheruto at the She Can concert

Crystal Asige who is a talented artist, songwriter, and advocate for people with disabilities, was supposed to join in on the live but somehow she didn’t. However, as per her conversation with Patricia Kihoro, she said, “Vision is not just in the eyes, it’s also in the mind.” I think that’s a beautiful take home. Musician Crystal Asige Lost Her Sight In Her Early 20s But She Has Not Let That Stop Her From Pursuing Her Dreams

image of Wendy Kay at the She Can Concert

The next segment of the event was a short presentation by some officials from the Kotex Company including Jennifer Rohan, Marketing Lead EMEA, Kemi Sailu, Marketing Lead WECA, Christopher Waithaka, Senior Brand Manager, and Saiton Tameno the digital Marketing and Community Manager. They spoke a little bit about the brand, and about the new Kotex maxi pads for consumers with a heavy flow that they will be launching over the next couple of weeks.

image of Jennifer Rohan (Marketing Lead-EMEA), Kemi Sailu (Marketing Lead WECA), Christopher Waithaka (Senior Brand Manager Kotex WECA) and Saiton Tameno (Senior Brand Manager WECA) giving a presentation during the She Can Awards

The second hour was the hour that everyone had been waiting for – the concert. If we were physically at the concert, I can assure you there would be screaming as Patricia Kihoro introduced the first musician, Xenia Manasseh. But since we were limited to our phone screens, the like button was on fire instead. Xenia’s voice is beautiful! I loved her rendition of Sauti Sol’s Awinja.

image of Xenia Mannasseh at the She Can concert

Next, there was a performance from Emma Cheruto, who recently released her E.P Shift Happens, and it was beautiful. She is most definitely a performer, and her song Nice Car was out of this world. After this, Wendy Kay blessed us with a performance of her song The Trio, and let me just say, the beats, tune, and overall composition was perfect. Last but certainly not the least, Nikita Kering’ graced us with her presence. Let me just say, her voice is phenomenal, and she is definitely going places. I just wish the performances were a little longer. It would have been great to have less talking and more singing but overall it was a great concert.

image of Nikita Kering at the She Can concert

It was so beautiful to see all these women prospering in their own way. It was wonderful listening to them share their story with us, and encouraging women out there to chase their dreams unapologetically. Women need to uplift each other rather than tearing each other down. I love the idea behind the whole event, and as Emma Cheruto said, “We can because she can.” 

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