Lights, Camera, Action! Here Are A Few Tips On Now To Get Great Photos With Your OPPO Reno 3


Struggling to get the best out of your camera? Here are a few tips

A lot can be said about phone photography. With smartphones now the norm, does this make us all photographers? Well, they say the proof is in the pudding. It is after you have seen the images shot from a phone that you can determine whether the device camera has been put into good use.

Phone manufacturers have realized the importance of the camera feature that a huge chunk of R&D has been dedicated to developing the best-in-market camera. Same as its peers, OPPO, as one of the leading manufacturers continue to innovate around the camera. OPPO’s Reno3 Is Now Available In Kenyan Stores. Here Is What You Need To Know About This Phone

On the quest to extracting top performance from the phone camera, we have the OPPO Reno 3 to play with. The phone comes equipped with a 48MP, 20x Digital Zoom Camera; a first-of its kind 44MP Front Camera with Ultra Night Selfie Mode and Ultra Steady Video 2.0; for crisp and clear pictures in the day and even during the night. And for refined selfie images, the 44MP front camera ensures the detailed textures of your hair, skin, and even eyelashes are captured in ultra-high resolution.

So let’s get into some of our tips to phone photography after having some time with the Reno 3.

  • Framing Your Photo

But even before we get into the nitty-gritty of the Reno3’s exceptional cameras, you’ll be pleased to learn that its camera has the option to show you a grid on which you can base your photographs.

With your frame divided into 9 equal rectangles with two vertical lines and two horizontal lines, put your subject and points of interest where the lines intersect to effectively execute the rule of thirds. Then watch the OPPO Reno3 transform a basic shot into an outstanding one.

Image Oppo Reno 3. Subject Magunga Willams. Photo by Paushinki.
  • Angling your Photo

You already know that taking pictures from unexpected angles can create the Oomph effect in your fans as they admire and reflect on your handiwork. What if I told you that the Reno3’s Ultra-Wide-angle lens can capture 109o photos after accounting for distortion? Now you don’t have to sprain your wrists as you obsess with finding the perfect angle for your pics!

Without further ado, we now examine in more detail the cameras that make it possible for the Reno3 to do what it does: which is to convert an ordinary Joe into an expert Jack of the photography business.

Photo by Paushinski for World Whiskey Day
Photo by Paushinki for World Whiskey Day.
  • The Quad-camera System

The OPPO Reno3 has a quad-camera system that is equipped with a standard 48MP main camera, a 13MP telephoto lens, an 8MP ultrawide (wide-angle) lens, and a 2MP monochrome lens.

The 48MP main camera has an Ultra Clear Mode that digitally optimizes your photos up to 108MP, meaning that even when you zoom in on any of them, the details remain snappy and clear.

An Ultra Dark Mode, which turns on automatically when brightness reduces past a certain degree, helps the Reno3 create amazing night scene images by shortening imaging time and reducing noise in the photos taken. Now, you can finally capture the beauty of the night much more elegantly.

Perhaps one of the most exciting things about the OPPO Reno3’s 48MP, 13MP, and 8MP cameras is that they combine to give you 5 times Hybrid Zoom and 20 times Digital Zoom, meaning you can confidently zoom in and out, fully aware that you will catch that action within the full focal length shooting that the phone affords.

Magunga Williams. Photo by Paushinski for World Whiskey Day
  • The 44MP Front Camera

Finally, the notched 44MP selfie camera that the OPPO Reno3 spots makes capturing your skin’s natural tone and texture a purely pleasurable affair, and it’s no small bonus that you can also blur your background for that bokeh effect that makes portrait selfies iconic.

This camera also comes with an Ultra Night Selfie Mode that transforms your night self-portraits from ‘meh’ to flawlessly radiant.

OPPO continues to surpass expectations by unleashing innovative devices that challenge the restrictions of distance, lighting, and even shaky hands to deliver photos of outstanding quality. The OPPO Reno3 proves that more detail can be captured during the day, and that dark scenes can appear brighter through its lens.

Unleash the camera pro within. You cannot go wrong with the OPPO Reno3!

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