It Started As A TikTok Challenge But Ended Up As A The Love Story

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“I can’t say that I knew you were the one from the start, but what I can say, is that when I first saw you, I knew you were just as goofy as I was. I knew that we could be friends, but I didn’t know that you were the love of my life. Now, standing here, there’s no doubt in my mind that you are the one I want to spend the rest of my life with…”

Emotions were in the air, and some couldn’t help but cry. It was a beautiful ceremony in a small intimate setting. The lights were fascinating, but what was even more fascinating was the cake. It was a layered pearl white cake, with a huge image on the top of Anaya and Kaberia, and a Tiktok icon at the bottom to symbolize how they met.

It all happened two years back. The two were stuck in their houses during the Coronavirus pandemic. Stuck because they weren’t allowed out of the house due to a lockdown. So they turned to social media for their entertainment. At the time Anaya was 24 and Kaberia 26.

Anaya lived with her grandparents. She was orphaned at only 12 years old when her parents were involved in a fatal car accident. Luckily, her grandparents never once made her feel like she lacked anything although they didn’t have much. They were extremely kind to her and went out of their way to provide all the essentials. She had completed her studies at the university and was now working with a reputable law firm. She, however, wasn’t interested in moving out of her grandparents’ house. She loved them dearly and felt indebted to them. In fact, she partly attributed her success to them.

On the other hand, Kaberia was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His parents had worked tirelessly and their efforts bore fruits. At only 23 years old they had transferred one of their companies to his name and he started to run it. He did it so diligently and had managed to amass a lot of wealth within a short period. He was a free-spirited soul. He spent most of his money travelling the world and visiting different sites.

This was a period whereby Tiktok was taking off, and especially in the time of the pandemic where many people were bored at home. Anaya was an extrovert. She loved to interact with people. She opened up a Tiktok account because of peer pressure from her friends and started learning to use it. It was challenging at first and she almost gave up but she eventually got the hang of it. On the other hand, Kaberia was super goofy, and so he turned to Tiktok way before it was even a thing. He enjoyed creating and jumping onto trends.

The first song that Anaya landed on was Know You by Ladipoe featuring Simi. She loved Simi, and this song was a perfect duet. The problem was that she didn’t have any followers to hop on this challenge with but she chose to use it regardless. She spent an entire day planning out her outfit, makeup, and moves. Anaya had always been a perfectionist, and this wasn’t going to change now. She chose a simple floral red wrap top and jeans. For her makeup, she went with a simple plain look.

Anaya finished shooting the video at around 5 pm. She had recorded over and over again and somehow she saw a flaw in every video and decided to start again. But now, she had finally made a perfect one and was ready to upload it. She uploaded it and forgot about it. She needed to go and make dinner for the family.

Anaya came back online around 3 hours later to find over 1000 notifications. She didn’t believe it at first because she had very few followers. However, she soon found out that Kaberia had hopped onto the challenge to sing Lapidoe’s part. Apparently he was very well known, and so that made the video go viral.

But it wasn’t just on Tiktok. When she checked her Twitter someone had uploaded the video and tagged her. The comments were overwhelming. People loved the duo and swore that they had chemistry. No one believed that they didn’t even know each other. In fact, they were number 5 on Kenyan trends for two full days.

Anaya woke up the following day to a message from Kaberia on Tiktok.

Hey, what’s up? We make a perfect team, don’t you think? Everyone seems to think so…

Without hesitating, she responded. You see, from the moment when she saw him, she thought that he was cute. He was confident and charming. However, she also thought that she looked like a regular fuck-boy and so she chose not to put too much thought into it.

The two of them met two days later at a fancy restaurant. He had asked her out to lunch. Anaya chose not to look over the top, but her radiant smile and glowing skin always made her stand out. She was fifteen minutes late, and this was very unlike her. She walked in and found Kaberia seated at the farthest end of the restaurant.

As soon as she saw him she knew she was in trouble. Even though she had stalked him enough on the internet, he looked better in person. But on top of his good looks, his personality was attractive. He was funny, intelligent, and goofy. She was goofy as well, and so they were a perfect fit. They parted ways almost six hours later. The conversations had been endless.

Anaya and Kaberia built a friendship that the public knew nothing about. They wanted to keep things as private as possible, but it soon became impossible as some fans took pictures of them on dates and put them up.

“What are we going to do about them?” Anaya asked one day, “It’s like they’re monitoring our every move.”

“Well, that’s the internet for you. You just have to deal with it. In fact, let’s take a selfie and put it up so they can have more conspiracies about us,” Kaberia said jokingly.

“What?” Anaya asked, now losing her temper, “How can you say that?”

“Are you embarrassed about me, or what’s the problem?” He asked.

“Of course not. I’m not. But I don’t want people knowing my personal business.”

“It’s not your personal business. They won’t know what’s going on between us because of a selfie. Just relax babe.”

That’s what Anaya loved most about him. He was calm and very few things bothered him. He knew exactly how to deal with all the theories that she created in her mind. It was a ying and yang kind of thing. Their personalities were extremely compatible.

Two years later, Kaberia proposed. It was a long beautiful journey and now he was ready to seal the deal. He proposed while they were on a trip to Nanyuki. It was a small intimate proposal followed by a surprise lunch with the rest of the family.

It was now their wedding day. Anaya was happy. Unbelievably happy about her husband to be. They were a perfect fit, and she was completely ready to go through all the highs and lows of life with him.

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