Starting A Career In Windows Operating System With Microsoft Exam 98-349 And Maximizing Practice Tests For It

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What does an operating system do? An operating system, or OS, is the fundamental reason why computers work the way they do. It is a vital software that is mainly in charge of handling all other software apps and related computer features. More than that, an operating system manages all the key computer functions. Most of these you won’t even catch sight of unless something goes wrong when turning on your computer. When your computer does not work like it’s supposed to, then there’s a high chance that the operating system runs into some issues. That’s when you’ll notice the crucial role of an operating system in computers.

Brief History of Windows Operating System

There’s an abundant array of operating systems, but Windows is just unstoppable. For many decades, this highly-used operating system from Microsoft MTA 98-349 VCE Exam Dumps has topped the charts because of its functionality and compatibility with many software programs and even game apps. As a result, Windows is often pre-loaded when purchasing new desktops and laptops. But did you know that Windows is not the earliest operating system? It’s actually the 360 Operating System or also known as the IBM System. Even if Windows is not the first-ever OS, it’s seemingly the most successful among the rest. The first Windows version (Windows 1.0) was introduced in 1985. Decades later, Microsoft now comes up with its latest operating system which is Windows 10.

Knowing Indispensable Features of Latest Windows via Microsoft 98-349

Knowing the computer language through your operating system is a very practical thing to do to keep your devices efficient. Likewise, many professionals who want to pursue an IT career can make use of their in-depth knowledge of operating systems when applying for a job. And since Windows is apparently the most in-demand of them all, it’s highly reasonable to shift our focus to this esteemed operating system. And if you want to have a deep familiarity with Windows 10, the Microsoft 365 Identity and Services MS-100 exam with the code 98-349 is the most suitable way to expand your insights. This is a 45-minute assessment during which you’ll need to complete a maximum of 60 questions that go in different formats. Here are the major areas deliberated by this Microsoft test:

  • OS configurations

Let’s start with the most important OS configuration features. These include all desktop settings, Control Panel tools, native apps, mobility functions, and management tools.

  • Client systems

Aside from learning various configuration tools, you will also become more competent in tasks involving the installation and maintenance of client systems. Some of the key responsibilities there include recognizing OS editions, distinguishing upgrade paths, upgrading versions, and working with the OS architecture.

  • File systems and folders

Computer files and folders are vital in every computer system. With this Microsoft assessment, you can easily interpret a variety of file systems, along with its noteworthy features such as permissions, print drivers, and mapped drives. In addition, you will understand deeper how encryption works, together with libraries and network locations.

  • Devices and storage

Connecting to different computer devices might be a challenge but not if you have 98-349. One of the areas polished in the main exam is your skills in managing device drivers like Bluetooth, system devices, and printers. Furthermore, it will help you possess more flair in dealing with storage features such as USB, InfiniBand, VHD, and OneDrive.

  • Different app types

When learning about Windows 10, you will come across varying applications, including local, network, desktop, and Windows Store apps. On top of these app types, you can now effortlessly configure UAC, Windows SmartScreen, and even antivirus settings like Malicious Software Removal, and Windows Defender.

  • System update and maintenance

In every operating system, regular maintenance is a must. There are lots of maintenance tools that you have to be well-rounded on, so you keep your computer in tip-top status. Through 98-349, you practice your proficiency in configuring recovery methods and implementing Windows updates.

MTA Certification as Fundamental Step for Thriving Microsoft Career

Studying for Microsoft 98-349 is more than just earning some valuable insights about Windows 10. It technically awards you with a Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) accreditation, which means you are equipped with the fundamental knowledge and skills of the latest Windows Operating System. And before we forget, it gives you a ticket to more advanced badge programs including MCSA and MCSE credentials. All these certifications act as the guiding light in your IT career. Because of this, many aspiring IT newbies kick off their profession with an MTA credential. This way, they can effortlessly craft their way to the top.

Influential Exam Resources to Utilize When Studying for 98-349

When getting ready for any Microsoft certification test, you must be flexible in terms of the exam prep resources that you might use. It’s clearly not enough that you solely pivot around the materials given by the vendor; you also have to maximize other materials that are proven and tested by IT professionals. And when it comes to reliable practice tests, one of the prominent names online is With thousands of mock tests for all sorts of IT assessments, you’ll get a great deal of reliable ete files for your 98-349 prep through this provider. You can give their free exam questions a try or you can purchase their best-quality 98-349 Premium Bundle. This package will cost you $59,99 and includes a practice test that was thoroughly checked by IT experts, a study guide, and a training course of lectures. To know more, the ETE Exam Simulator is vital if you want to work with the mock tests from Whatever you pick, you won’t be disappointed with the materials because all of them were created to equip you only with the relevant knowledge in the IT industry.


Oftentimes, Windows has been considered as a built-in part of a newly bought desktop or laptop. This results in the growing popularity of this famed Microsoft operating system. So, if you want something great happening in your career, why not achieve this MTA certification and start drafting your way to success? This might be your lucky break! Just go through the Microsoft 98-349 test and make all your career dreams come true! And remember that is here to help you in this with their most actual and reliable practice tests.

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