7 Floral Outfits To Inspire Your Wardrobe

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Isn’t it fascinating just how much our personal style evolves over the years? One day you’re looking at something in your wardrobe proclaiming how ugly it is, and a few years down the line you fall in love with it. For me, that has been my relationship with the floral print. When I was younger I felt that it was too girly and didn’t align with my brand, and now, I fall in love with it just about every single day.

Ever wondered about the origin of the floral print? Ancient Egyptians are known as the first florists. They created designs of very highly stylized wreaths, garlands, and centrepieces for big events such as banquets, processions, burials, and temple offerings. In addition, flower arrangements were a luxury only available for the nobility and royals. At the end of the second decade of the 21st century, we can consider flower patterns an important part of the “eternal fashion”.

Here are a few floral outfits to inspire your wardrobe.

  1. Floral dress
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The best thing about wearing dresses is that it’s not such a struggle to pair them with the rest of your outfit. Just a simple plain coloured pair of shoes and some sunglasses are enough to put this outfit together perfectly. This outfit can be worn to an outing, cocktail date, party, or even a visit to a friend’s house. Fashion: 10 Ankara Outfit Designs To Inspire Your Wardrobe

  1. Floral jumpsuit
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Everybody loves outfits that are easy to pair up, and the floral jumpsuit gives you just that. This outfit is strikingly beautiful. I would say that you should go for brighter colours such as yellow, red or even blue. The outfit can be paired with sandals or doll shoes. If you are trying to accessorize further you can add a cute anklet to piece it up together. Fashion: How To Style A Jumpsuit For Any Occasion

  1. Floral wrap-around skirt
image from https://www.newlook.com/uk/womens/clothing/skirts/black-ditsy-floral-wrap-front-maxi-skirt/p/578397009

If you’re looking to try a more casual alternative, then the floral wrap-around skirt is the way to go. It’s super cute and has a beautiful feminine touch to it. It’s also very easy to pair it up because all you need is a plain coloured top that goes with the floral colours, and some cute shoes. You can also add a necklace or bracelet to this outfit to bring it together.

  1. Floral wrap top
image from https://www.luckybrand.com/floral-wrap-top/191671715345.html

Here’s another cute floral outfit that you should try. Wrap tops have a simple and yet fabulous touch to them. The feminine touch added by exposing some cleavage puts the whole outfit together perfectly. The floral wrap top can be paired with jeans or even a skirt. It looks even better when the top is cropped and the jeans are high waist.

  1. Floral off-shoulder top
image from https://hotandstylish.com/product/stylish-white-floral-off-the-shoulder-top/

The off-shoulder trend was revolutionary in my opinion. The best thing about these tops is that they expose your shoulder bones perfectly. Now try a floral print off-shoulder top? It’s a simple and yet super cute combination.

  1. Floral culotte pants
image from https://www.lulus.com/products/last-bud-not-least-navy-blue-floral-print-culottes/657992.html

I don’t know if it’s just me, but culotte pants are a must-have in your wardrobe. Why? They’re super comfortable and super cute. Aside from this, they are also very versatile. They can be worn at school, a wedding, a lunch date, a picnic, and many other places. You almost forget that you’re wearing pants because of how free they feel, and that’s the best part about them. For floral pants, you pair them up with a plain top and few accessories so as to draw more attention to the pants.

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