The Singlehood Series: She Found Out That The Two Men Chasing After Her Had Placed A Bet On Her

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What would you do if you found out that you were played, like a game of snakes and ladders? When you find out that men who wasted your time were competing on who gets to hit the jackpot first? Well, that’s exactly what happened to Njeri, and when she found out it was too late to do anything about it.

Njeri met these two guys in the club. She was headed to the washrooms when one of them stopped her. His name was Alton. He was completely drunk but he went ahead to tell her how beautiful she was. They danced a little, and then exchanged numbers and parted ways. Alton was with a friend who had been talking to a girl as he waited.

Later on in the night, Njeri bumped into Alton’s friend, Brian, as she was headed to the bar to get herself a drink. They had a small feud after she stepped on his shoes, but then when he looked at her well he knew that he had to play his cards right. He realised that she was the same girl his friend was talking to earlier but he chose not to say anything. They talked for a while over the loud music, and then he asked her for her number and they parted ways as she went back to her table.

The next morning when Njeri woke up she found a text from Alton.

Hey beautiful. It was nice seeing you.

She smiled like a fool remembering how cute this guy was. He was tall and with dimples on either side of his cheeks. He had a beautiful smile and although it was loud when she met him, she remembered that he had a nice voice.

Later on in the evening, as Njeri was getting ready to go to bed she received a text from Brian.  His texts were flirty from the start and it was obvious that he didn’t want to waste any time. He asked if he could call her, and she agreed.

“Hey.” Njeri said.

“Hey, beautiful. How are you doing?” He asked.

“I’m good. I was just nursing my hangover.”

“You’re beautiful, did I already tell you that? I want you,” Brian said.

He went ahead to flirt with her and tell her lies that only one who is completely smitten would believe, and Njeri listened to it all. What she liked about him was that he was straightforward. He told her exactly what he wanted: a hookup. He didn’t waste time lying to her about how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. It was all very straightforward. At the back of her mind however, she knew not to take it in. She had had her fair share of heartbreak, and as they say, once bitten twice shy.

The next morning Alton set up a date with her. He picked her up from her house, and they went for lunch at a fancy restaurant. While there he wanted to know everything about her, down to the stories from her childhood. He dropped her back home at the end of it. She had a good time.

Meanwhile, Brian continued texting her and calling her almost every day, asking her to go to his house for a sleepover. He wanted to hook up with her, and while a part of her was actually attracted to his sex appeal, she liked the chase. She wanted to be disturbed a little more. The problem was that Brian was very impatient and so he almost lost his temper when things didn’t go his way. He soon ghosted her and went back to his normal life.

Things with Alton became better by the day as he gave her all the attention she had always craved. They went on dates almost every week, and they seemed to really be hitting it off. One day he picked her up and they drove to a petrol station to refuel his car. He got out of the car to talk to the attendants, and then his phone started to ring. Njeri tried her best not to snoop around or even check who was calling, but curiosity got the better of her. When she checked she saw Brian’s name. It was both of his names, which sparked her curiosity even further. She checked his Whatapp to find that it was him on the profile picture. She went ahead to open the texts, and this is where she found that they were talking about her.

You lost the bet bro, give up. I’ll probably hook up with her in like a week or something.

It would’ve been better to act calm about the situation, but as soon as he got into the car, Njeri confronted him and asked him to drop her back home.  She thought to herself, that if he had been as straightforward about his intentions as his friend was, maybe she would’ve allowed him to hit.

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