The Singlehood Series: She Ghosted Him Because Of What He Ordered On Their First Date

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A friend of mine tells a funny and yet petty story about how she ghosted this guy after their first date. She had just started working when this guy asked her out. She turned him down several times, not because she was trying hard to get, but because she just wasn’t interested. She was focused on this particular job and wanted to do all things to impress her new boss.

Two months down the line, she was now more settled and ready to make some new friends. The same guy had constantly been asking her out. He just wasn’t giving up. Now that she was more at ease with her colleagues she decided to go out with him and see where it would lead to. They planned a short date at lunchtime where they would get an hour’s break from work.

When the day came, she wasn’t feeling it, but she decided that it would be rude to turn him down last minute, so she just agreed to it. They hadn’t planned on where they were going for the date. She left it all up to him. You see, she was tired of going on these dates. For her, the story was always the same, and she always ended up being the clown. So even when it came to this guy, she had already accepted that it wouldn’t end well.

At lunchtime, the guy called her and asked to meet in the parking lot. The first few minutes after they met things seemed to be hitting it off, and she was hopeful. The guy was funny and a great conversationalist. He drove to a nearby restaurant and they got in.

Here’s where the problem came in because when the waiter came in, the guy ordered porridge. She didn’t have a problem with this, but then she had cultivated a habit of ordering around the same price range as that of her date. So when he ordered porridge, she felt as though she couldn’t order what she wanted, which was actual food. Because remember, it was lunchtime, and remember, the guy had asked her out on a lunch date.

So a week later, my friend is narrating the story, telling us how she never talked to him after that, simply because of the ‘meal’ he had ordered. She didn’t explain it to him because he would find it petty, and she knew it was petty but it was what she really felt. She distanced herself slowly from the entire situation.

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