The Singlehood Series: The Guy At The Club Turned Violent When She Rejected His Advances

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Alicia wasn’t a party animal. In fact, her ideal night was at home in pyjamas with a glass of wine. However, she did enjoy a night out once in a while. What she didn’t like about clubs was the overcrowding and entitled men coming behind her back without permission.

Because of this, she rarely ever went. However, on this particular day, her friend Vanessa had asked her to accompany her. She was going to meet her crush and she needed company. It was one of their unwritten rules not to drink in the presence of boys alone.

They got to the club and started drinking. Alicia met her university friends and so she was at ease. They bought one bottle after the next and before they knew it, it was 4 am. Alicia’s other friends had left by this time, and she was now waiting for Vanessa to finish up with her crush so that they could head home.

Alicia was seated adjacent to Vanessa, who was on a table with her crush and his other guy friends. She wasn’t in the mood to socialize anymore, all she wanted was to go home. But because Vanessa had some unfinished business she couldn’t leave her by herself.

On the table next to where Alicia was, three men had been eyeing her all along. She had seen them from her periphery but she chose to ignore them. You see, Alicia deeply believed that you can’t meet your lover at the club, and so she didn’t even see the point in talking to anyone there.

One of the three guys walked up to her and started talking to her, but she dismissed him. The problem is he seemed to have a big ego because when Alicia refused to give him her number he started to raise his voice at her. All along, her friend Vanessa had noticed the commotion but did nothing about it. Eventually one of his friends pulled him away and they got back to their circle.

A few minutes later a different guy who happened to be on the same table approached Alicia. He took off his jacket and offered to cover her. He apologized for his friend’s misbehaviour and started to act like the good guy. It soon became clear to him, though, that Alicia wasn’t interested in him either, and so he walked back to his friends.

A few minutes later, just when Alicia had put her head down and started to dose, the first guy approached her again. She told him, once more that she wasn’t interested. That’s when he started to lose it. He forcefully raised her head and asked her to pay attention.

“What do you even have to offer? I can get any girl I want, stop playing hard to get.”

This time his friends didn’t do anything to help. When he saw that Alicia wasn’t as interested as he had hoped she would be, he slapped her. That’s when Vanessa realised what had been happening, and she let out a scream. It was almost morning, and so the volume of the music was much lower than usual. When Vanessa screamed a bouncer immediately rushed in their direction and took the guy away. But even as he was being taken away he still screamed and continued to insult her.

Alicia knew that this would be the last time she would be going to the club. She looked around, and the aura just didn’t sit right with her. There were people made for this, and she wasn’t one of them. She told her friend who she had been waiting for that she was leaving with or without her. She ordered her Uber and went home, resorting to the fact that her ideal night was at home, by herself, or maybe with a few friends.

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