4 Reasons Why You Should Dress Up To Stay At Home

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As a principle, I always say that I cannot look bad and feel bad at the same time. I would not be doing myself justice. So whenever I’m feeling off, I force myself to get up and get dressed. I take time to look good and take pictures of myself even if there’s nowhere I’m going, and in the process, I start to feel much better. I’m sure you have had a similar experience, where the basic act of taking care of yourself elevates your mood completely.

Staying your home doesn’t mean that you have to completely let yourself loose because this might not be good for your mental health. In fact, dressing up can improve your mental health to a large extent. Raphael M. Bonelli, an Austrian professor of psychiatry puts it this way: An interest in fashion and personal appearance is a sign of mental health.

Here are the reasons why you should dress up to stay at home.

  1. It changes your mindset

There have been so many times where I’ve woken up and my first thoughts were dreading another full day in the house. Having exhausted things to do, this isn’t good for your mindset. Instead of sitting at home in your pajamas all day, taking a shower and changing your clothes will help you to kick start your day. You will feel refreshed, energized, and ready to face a full day. Even though you may not have much to do at home, this will at least give you some motivation to remain energized.

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  1. It sets the tone for a productive day

Whether you are working from home or learning a new skill, dressing up actually helps to set the tone for a productive day. When I first heard of this concept I thought that it was absurd and a waste of clothes. However, I can confirm that trying it out has gone a long way in helping me achieve my daily goals in terms of work and anything else I set out to do. It’s proven. A study conducted in 2012 showed that clothing may also have an impact on personal performance. If people associate certain qualities with certain items of clothing, it can influence how they act in those clothes.

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  1. Dressing up is part of self-care

It might seem like such a basic thing to do, but dressing up is indeed self-care. It boosts the person’s mood and makes them feel better about themselves. Lindsay Barber puts it this way: Even if inside I feel like I want to crawl in a hole, I can look at my tights and think, “Man, these are so badass.”… I’m not saying clothing fixes everything, or even anything. I’m saying dyeing my hair, painting my nails bright colours, buying red lipstick, wearing leather jackets or my Oxfords helps me feel good about myself.  I feel more like me, even if I am imagining my clothes as protective armour.

Dressing up can boost your mood and elevate your energy. Clothing can be a sort of comfort. Switch up the looks and surprise yourself. You can also use brighter colours such as yellow which is proven to evoke a sense of happiness. Put on some makeup and experiment different looks. Take pictures and try different poses, you will find that you are suddenly in a much happier and safer space.

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  1. It’s an opportunity to discover your style

I may be the only one who does this, but I find it much easier to try new things when I’m staying at home. Why? Because even if it backfires, I’m not going to be around people, and so I can just laugh at myself and move on.

On a separate note, I heard somewhere that being able to laugh at yourself and your mistakes is a symbol of humility. But that’s beside the point. Use your time at home to discover your fashion style by researching on the internet and pairing up different pieces together. By the time you can finally go out, you’ll have discovered what looks best of you and complements your body type, personality, and appearance.

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