Level Up Your Productivity During Quarantine With These Hacks

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If you’ve been stuck at your house for most of the quarantine, you might be accustomed to your ‘new normal’ routine. It’s easy to find yourself in a rut, month after month. Especially when something you thought was temporary, is looking more like it’ll last for a while. Maybe you’ve been enjoying this newfound time around your house or maybe you’d do anything to get back to the daily grind. One thing is for sure, this season has forced us all to reconsider many things about our lives – including our daily routines. If you’re looking back on the first half of 2020 and seeing a dip in your productivity levels (personal or professional life), follow these hacks to get things back on track for the second half of this year.

Focus Through the Noise

This time has certainly been interesting for various reasons. Between the non-stop breaking news cycles and sheer worldwide panic, it’s been hard to focus on one thing for too long. If you reside in an area that was hit hard by the pandemic, you might just now be venturing out of your house for the first time in months. There’s so much ‘new noise’ going on around each and every one of us. However, it’s a perfect time to reset from the chaos. Turn the TV off, delete your social media apps (or uninstall them from your gadgets) and focus on the basics. Sometimes it’s all you need– even if it’s just for a week or two. This type of reset and step back will no doubt help your production levels increase for the days ahead.

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Try Innovative Techniques

Maybe you’ve always wanted to meditate but before this season, you never had the time. Use the time you would’ve been commuting to work via public transit to start your meditation practice. Or maybe there are other innovative techniques you’ve never tried that could help you. For example, did you know that online gaming can actually help foster productivity and that people have been using it for a while? In fact, in this recent survey about the lives of gamers, the study participants believe gaming fosters productivity, with 54% of respondents playing online games at work. Don’t be afraid to try new things – in fact, this is the perfect time to try many things while your typical life is on hold and you don’t have as many social obligations.

Evaluate Where Your Lacking

Self-reflection is always helpful when it comes to evaluating your productivity levels. The key is to be brutally honest though. Your typical day, either before or during quarantine, mentally walk through it in your mind. Where do you notice areas you could improve? Maybe you’ve been sleeping in and skipping breakfast, but you know that you don’t focus as well on an empty stomach. Or maybe you’ve been lazy and avoiding the morning workouts that used to help give you mental clarity each day. Take notes of these daily habits that you’ve let slip since your world was turned upside down.

Make plans to reintroduce to your schedule and set attainable goals. This time has been extremely stressful, so don’t be too hard on yourself during this process. The important part is acknowledging what you want and know that you need, then taking steps to get there.

Whether you’ve been killing it in the productivity department or you’ve been slacking- there’s no time like the present to change things up to meet your 2020 goals!

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