For Years She Lived In Blissful Ignorance But One Day She Found Out That Her Husband Wasn’t Who She Thought He Was

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Miriam and Mario got married in the most beautiful wedding ever. I know they say that love is one of the best things to ever experience, but love with money? That’s even better.

The church ceremony was simple, but the cars were high-end vehicles that gave the hint that this was not an ordinary wedding. The bride’s car didn’t have the cliché decorations. It was a Range Rover Sport, whose number plate had been covered by a fancy placard reading “M & M” meaning, Miriam and Mario.

Miriam and Mario met two years back in an airport on transit back to Kenya. They were on the same flight, and they both had a layover of about ten hours. Miriam was seated on a corner by herself, engrossed in a Danielle Steel book, when Mario walked up to her and asked if she could move her bags for him to sit. She was irritated because there were so many other spots that he could have picked.

“You can have the entire bench actually,” she said, picking her bags and walking away to another seat.

When it came to the time to board the airplane, as if fate would have it, Miriam and Mario sat next to each other. She openly rolled her eyes as soon as she saw him. Why would it happen this way?

After settling down Mario initiated a conversation and she realised that he was quite an interesting person. You see, Miriam was an introvert and she did not like to talk much. She preferred her own company so she didn’t seek out company often. She was reserved about opening up to anyone, and this made her a loner, which again, she was fine with. An ideal weekend for her was a movie, wine, and a bath, by herself.

On the other hand, Mario was quite an expressive character. He was loud and he could make friends in a jiffy. He could talk to anyone, any time, and about anything. When he first started talking to Miriam while they were on the plane, Miriam thought he was embarrassing both of them, because people would occasionally turn in amazement of the loud guy.

One thing led to another, and the two of them became very good friends. They would hang out a lot, and Miriam’s sister was shocked because she was never known to be that social. Two years later, on the day they had met, they went on a trip. While on their way back, at the same airport they had met, he proposed in front of everyone.

Mario was filthy rich. He lived by himself in a mansion in Karen. He drove a C class Mercedes Benz and had real estate properties all over the country. His clothes were expensive and he lived a lavish life. To be quite honest, Miriam had become accustomed to this kind of life. He bought her everything she wanted, and on the first anniversary of their relationship, he bought her a fancy car.

Now, after their wedding, they were going on their honeymoon to Greece. Miriam had always wanted to visit Santorini, a small city in Greece. There was just something about the brilliant white walls overlooking the beautiful ocean. She was excited, more excited about her wedding even. The trip was everything. She was happy and she was blessed.

A year after their marriage, the two were blessed with a child. His name was Michael. Cheesy as it sounds, they had agreed to give all their children names with the initial letter “M.” A year later, they had another baby, a girl this time, and her name was Maria.

Every couple is bound to disagree every once in a while, but in this household, everything was fixed with money. Everything. Relationships would be reconciled by gifts, expensive holidays, and treats. But there was just one problem.

All these years, Miriam didn’t know what Mario did for a living. When they first met he said that he was a marketing manager, but she had never once been to his office. He didn’t even go to work regularly. He was always going on trips abroad to finalize some ‘business agreements.’ It was never anything substantial, and Miriam never thought to inquire further.

One evening the most suspicious thing happened. Miriam and Mario had just taken the kids to bed and were now having their movie night. Mario had just arrived back home, after a two-week long trip abroad. It had been quite a while since they spent time together alone, without the kids. Just as the movie was starting and Miriam had brought popcorn out, his phone started to ring. He looked at it, and then cancelled it. Two minutes later he said that he had to make a call, so he stood up and went into the kitchen.

“Why can’t you talk here? Who is that who called anyway? Miriam asked.

“It’s just a workmate,” he responded.

“Yeah? Just a workmate? Then why can’t you talk from here? Are you cheating on me?” Miriam asked, now getting annoyed.

Mario stood up and walked away, then returned looking frantic five minutes later. Suddenly the doorbell rang.

“Honey, my workmate is here. I have a short private meeting with her. I’ll be back in a few minutes,” he said, wearing his jacket.

“Her? Did you bring your side chick to our house, where our kids are?” Miriam asked, shouting as loud as she possibly could.

“Relax. It’s my workmate. She doesn’t want to come into the house. I will be talking to her from outside. You can watch me from the window since you’re so insecure.”

Mario walked back into the house two hours later. He looked disturbed and scared. He paced up and down in the kitchen. His hands were shaking, and it was evident that something was wrong.

“What’s wrong with you? Could you be please be honest with me? That’s all I’m asking.” Miriam said desperately.

“Promise me that you won’t leave me,” he said.

“What is it?”

“Well, there’s something about me that you don’t know. I have been dealing in drugs. I don’t do drugs, but I’m involved in transporting them into the country. I think we have been caught this time.”

A few minutes later, three cars drove into their compound. Several men came out of the car and knocked on the door violently. Mario seemed resigned to the fact that he did not have any options so he opened the door.

“You are under arrest for drug trafficking. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law,” they said as they handcuffed him.

Miriam watched in dismay as her husband was driven off in the backseat of a police car. She felt helpless and wondered how in all these years she hadn’t insisted on knowing where all the money they had was coming from. Her children stood by the door crying, asking where the police were taking their father, and Miriam didn’t know what to tell them.

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