How To Avoid Breakouts And Acne From Wearing A Face Mask

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Maskne is the new term for acne caused by wearing a mask. I don’t know if you are getting breakouts because of wearing a mask but I am. I have gotten some breakouts on the side of my nose and on my chin. Sigh. This Coronavirus pandemic will not allow us to thrive.

I reached out to Winnie W. Taylor who is a Health & Skincare therapist and who is the
Founder of Body Evolution By Winnie for some tips on how to prevent breakouts. Here is what she had to say.

Wearing your facemask will help prevent the spread of Coronavirus. This new norm is part of us now that we can finally recognize each other from just looking at each other’s foreheads and eyes.  While there have been a lot of tips of how to get your eyes popping with all sorts of eye makeup as that is the focus on our faces, it turns we have ignored the fact that we may be experiencing breakouts from the same masks that are supposed to keep us safe.

How to avoid breakouts while wearing your facemask.

1. Ensure your mask can ‘breath” This is why the Ministry of Health has given us the guidelines on the type of mask we should be wearing. This, however, may not be possible as most of us are using homemade cloth masks.

2. Your mask needs to be completely clean. This is why it advised not to reuse your mask. If using the cloth mask, this needs to be washed at the end of the day. If wearing the medical mask, you wear a clean one every day.

3. Ensure your mask is comfortable and not too tight, as that will leave trauma mark on the face. Some of the areas where you might be experiencing breakouts and sensitivity could be from the pressure of the masks.

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4. If your face sweats at all, you need to ensure there is fresh air coming to the skin, therefore wearing the right type of mask is very important. Expose your skin as soon as you are in a safe environment to do so.

5. If you have a skin condition like Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, or Rosacea, you are most likely going to struggle with your mask. So apply all the rules below. Take your mask off immediately you get home, clean your face and apply your soothing products to calm the skin down.

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6. If you wear makeup you must wash it off completely when you get home to avoid clogging your pores. You might need to forget your lipsticks for a while. I have experienced the frustration of wearing lipstick and how messy it gets.

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7. A proper skincare routine is important especially now to ensure your skin is cared for properly. You need to keep the skin well moisturized, and allow it to heal at night.

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8. In the morning you must hydrate your skin properly before wearing the mask. Also, try to do a few touch-ups (don’t forget your lips) during the day if you are wearing the mask continuously and you are not able to remove the mask completely to let your skin breath.

If you try all of the tips above and you are still struggling, you might want to seek medical advice. Remember to keep your mask on and stay safe.

Here is another article with some very helpful tips and videos – How to avoid acne from wearing face masks.

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