7 Health Benefits Of Coriander (Dhania) That You Might Not Know About

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Coriander/Dhania is a very beautiful plant. The green shade and the shape of the leaves come together perfectly. In fact, it looks like a flower. But other than this, it can literally spice up your food and take it from level 0 to 100.

Interesting to note, the name cilantro refers to the leaves and the name coriander to the seeds. Some countries call both coriander, so coriander leaf is nothing else but cilantro. Coriander is one of the oldest herbs and spices on record. The plant was mentioned in the Bible, and the seeds have been found in ruins dating back to 5000 B.C. Its name comes from the Greek word Koris, meaning a stink bug. This is likely a reference to the strong aroma given off by the cilantro plant leaves.  How To Grow Dhania (Coriander) In Your Backyard/Balcony And Harvest every day

Here are the benefits of coriander.

  1. Regulates blood pressure

High blood pressure is a condition in which the force of the blood against the artery walls is too high. Over time, it can cause heart diseases and stroke. That’s why it’s important to manage it, and coriander is one way to do so. It is packed with heart-friendly fibres. Studies have claimed that constituents from coriander interact with calcium ions and the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which helps relax tension in the blood vessels.

  1. Boosts immunity

If you want to increase your body’s resistance to diseases, then coriander is the answer. The compounds in coriander, including terpinene, quercetin, and tocopherols, may have anticancer, immune-boosting, and neuroprotective effects, according to test-tube and animal studies.

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  1. Treats insomnia

If you are suffering from sleep issues, then you might want to add coriander to your diet. Insomnia is a condition associated with persistent problems falling and staying asleep. Rather than using medication to treat your insomnia, why not try out this naturally occurring plant? All you have to do is grind some fresh coriander leaves, add sugar and water, then drink. It brings on sound sleep and even relieves anxiety. The essential oils present in coriander produce a sedative-hypnotic effect on the body, calming the nerves and bringing all the chemicals into symmetry.

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  1. Regulates blood sugar levels

Diabetes is a lifestyle disease that is associated with the body’s inability to regulate blood sugar levels. It has many symptoms including frequent urination, thirst, fatigue, blurry vision, and weight loss. Over time, high blood sugar can affect the nerves, which is why it’s important to control the condition. Animal studies suggest that coriander seeds reduce blood sugar by promoting enzyme activity that helps remove sugar from the blood.

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  1. Skin health

We are all after perfect skin, with few blemishes, enough moisture, and smooth texture. Coriander can help you with that. It is extremely rich in folate, antioxidants, vitamin C, and beta-carotene. Your skin feels soft, supple, and glowing when your cells are protected from oxidative stress. Whether it’s acne or pigmentation, oily or dry skin, pimples or blackheads, coriander juice works like magic. Coriander’s anti-fungal and anti-microbial elements are even known to treat eczema. It is a detoxifier, a disinfectant, and even treats dark lips.

There are various ways you can use coriander to boost your skin health. First, you can chew fresh coriander leaves every morning on an empty stomach. You can also make coriander juice by boiling coriander in water, straining the leaves out, and then drinking it. Lastly, you can make a face mask by blending it in Aloe Vera or lemon juice, then applying it to the skin and rinsing out after fifteen minutes.

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  1. Contains anti-cancer properties

The statistics of cancer patients in our world today are disheartening. In Kenya, the annual incidences of cancer are about 28,000 new cases with an annual mortality of 22,000 cases. Cilantro has been tested in vitro (lab studies) showing its ability to promote anti-cancer effects. The compounds in cilantro seem to arrest cancer cell growth and initiate programmed cell death. Another study published in the Journal of Food Chemistry found that the extracts from coriander were extremely efficient and very effective in stopping the entire oxidative process, thereby protecting you from cancer.

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  1. Reduces swelling and inflammation

If you have suffered from swelling and inflammation for one reason or another, then you should try out dhania. Being an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids, omega-6 molecules, and coriander oil, coriander has been found to be effective in reducing swelling and inflammation in all parts of the body.  So if you have swollen legs due to arthritis or have some other form of inflammation, load up on coriander leaves.

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