The Singlehood Series: His Girlfriend Threatened To Commit Suicide If He Left Her

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What scares me the most about relationships is that people sometimes start showing their true colours three months or even six months into the relationship, and there’s nothing you can do to predict this occurrence. We’re all healing from something, but there are people out there burdened with unresolved traumas that may sometimes be projected onto the people they’re involved with. That’s a hard pill to swallow. James was one of the ones that end up being consumed by their partner’s projected issues.

James met this girl at a mall, and they exchanged numbers instantly. Her name was Patricia. She was beautiful, funny and her memes on Whatsapp were hilarious. They both had jobs, and so he knew he wouldn’t have to send her fare.

A week after they met, Patricia visited James at his house and he sealed the deal. Within two weeks half of her clothes were at his house, and by the third week she was doing house chores. James thought that he had hit the jackpot, and he even started giving his friends’ relationship advice on how to get a good lady. Little did he know what fate had in store for him.

One day, they went out to the club with a bunch of friends. James was conversing with Patricia’s friend about campus life, when suddenly Patricia pulled the girl’s hair and they started fighting. Patricia claimed that this friend of hers was always messing up her relationships. That’s when James should have known. That was the first red flag, but he didn’t see it. The bouncers separated them and they took an Uber back home. While in the Uber Patricia was crying her heart out, saying that no one loved her. She instructed the driver to go to the place where her mother was buried because, in her opinion, she was the only one who ever truly cared for her.

They went to the gravesite, and being a good boyfriend he sat there with her as she cried for her mother until morning. They then went home in silence. That evening she apologized for ruining the night out and vowed that it wouldn’t happen again.

Two weeks passed without any drama, and then Patricia started complaining that James was always online on Whatsapp even though he claimed to be at work. She asked him who he was always talking to. Because of this, James started going on Whatsapp only when she texted him, and this gave him a chance to quickly respond to his friends texts.

The problem is, this girl knew his entire contact list. One time James had added a certain contact of a lady who delivered food in Town, and Patricia called the lady to ask her what she wanted with her ‘husband.’

On another occasion James was laughing with the caretaker outside their gate as he was leaving for work. As James was in a matatu he received a text. It seems you enjoy her company more. Go and sleep at her house this evening. This meant that Patricia had followed him as he was leaving to go to work.

There were so many red flags, but it seems James was colour blind. She started mentioning that she didn’t like some of his friends. James was so aggravated that he told her the caretaker had a bigger ass than she did. This was the worst thing he could possibly say because Patricia started screaming all over the place. She broke all the plates in the house one by one, and the neighbours must have wondered what was going on. She even told James to kill her, because it seemed like that was what he truly wanted to do.

The next morning, James asked her to pack some of her clothes, and then he would drop her at her house because he needed to think some things through. When they got to her place she started crying as she took her belongings into her house. She asked him to wait outside because there’s something that she wanted to tell him. When she came back, James was shocked. Among all the other red flags, this was extreme. She removed a knife from her pocket and slit her hand slightly, and then went back into the house claiming that James was attempting to murder her.

All this commotion made her aunt and a few family members in the homestead come out. They started questioning James, asking him what the matter was. As soon as he said that he hadn’t done anything and wasn’t to blame, her aunt backed him up saying she knew it wasn’t him. It was like they knew her, and perhaps she had done something similar before.

The next day James packed the rest of her stuff. He was going to deliver them to her house, but then she said that she would go for them. When she got to James’ house she tried forcing him to have sex with her. He had already made up his mind not to reconcile with her, and when she realised this she blew things out of proportion, again. She took a knife from his kitchen and threatened to slit her wrists once again. She said that if she killed herself, her blood would be on James’ hands because the only mistake she had made was to love him. But what about the encounter at the club, breaking the plates that night, screaming at the top of her voice in the middle of the night, and forcing him to have sex with her? Didn’t she see anything wrong with any of that?

James felt helpless especially when she said that if she committed suicide it would be his fault. He agreed to have sex with her, but that night he didn’t sleep at all. He was convinced that she would kill him and then kill herself, and he wasn’t wrong for thinking that way.

That night was his final turning point. James did some deep introspection and he knew what he had to do. The following morning, he woke up as though he was going to work, but then he went house hunting. When he came back during the day he found that she had left, and so he took all his belongings and moved out. He even changed his phone number. It had been a long time coming.

This story is based on a story we found on Twitter

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