Entertainment: 5 Reasons Why You Should Tune In To The Cyco Podcast

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“The Cyco podcast is amazing. This type of content is refreshing, mature, and forward-thinking. I would advise everyone to tune in.”

It’s so beautiful to see the creative industry in Kenya evolve, every single day. There’s always a new podcast, Youtube channel, song, poem, book, or even blog. The creative space is inexhaustible, and it’s extremely inspiring to see more and more people pushing beyond their comfort zones to entertain, inform, and create relatable content.

Take The Cyco Podcast for example, which is barely even four months old, and yet has won the hearts of many. Hosted by Ben Cyco, this podcast has both audio and audiovisual alternatives, which I believe is a very unique twist to the Kenyan creative industry. If we are looking at the numbers Ben has managed to garner 18,600 subscribers in a very short period of time. There must be something he is doing correctly.

Here are five reasons why you should watch the Cyco Podcast.

  1. Well-thought-out topics

We often think about Youtube as an entertaining space, but I think that beyond that, it should be an informative space. The Cyco Podcast has managed to do both, and if that’s not talent then I don’t know what is. Take the topic of grief for example. Ben hosted his friend Nyawira Gachugi, seeing as they have both lost people who are close to them. Again, he recently hosted his friends Nyawira Gachugi and Wanjiru Njiru to discuss the topic of friendships. It’s a mixture of both light-hearted and deep topics which are all relatable in our society today.

  1. Important lessons to be learnt

As much as we are all looking to be entertained, it’s important to immerse ourselves in content that helps us grow. That’s another reason why you should watch The Cyco Podcast, because as they are speaking there are a lot of lessons to be learnt, and from different personalities with different perspectives of life. For me, the one lesson I will keep with me is one that was said by Wanjiru Njiru. She emphasized the need for authenticity, and especially in the influencer and content creation space. There is no need to live a lie just so that the public can see you in a different way from your reality. Wanjiru said that by living authentically, content creators automatically give their audience space and freedom to appreciate their own lifestyles, and in that particular moment.

  1. It is funny

Without exaggerating, Ben Cyco is possibly one of the funniest people you will ever meet. It’s always a good time on The Cyco Podcast. Whether it’s a serious topic or a light one, Ben always finds a way to bring humour into the episodes, and I think that’s a really important trait. If you are looking to light up your mood then The Cyco Podcast is guaranteed to give you just that. While the episodes might be a little long (1-1 ½ hours) you will pay attention without even trying. It’s not just a boring monotonous show. It’s hilarious!

  1. It is relatable

I’m sure we all have that influencer or content creator who we admire, but can’t relate to. You watch their content because it’s entertaining and informative, but it’s a completely different lifestyle from yours. What Ben Cyco has done differently is to be authentic. Through the podcast, you will get to learn the struggles he went through to get to where he is now. In one of the episodes, he narrates how he had an accident in a matatu and used this experience to try and make his way to fame. He talks about how badly he wanted to gossip websites to report his story because then more people would get to hear about him.

I don’t think it’s easy to come across people who are so willing to share such stories, and still make them hilarious. It makes you realise that a number of us go through similar struggles. I read a quote somewhere that humility is the ability to laugh at yourself and your mistakes without beating yourself up too much about it. Ben Cyco does this perfectly.

  1. It is inspiring

I don’t know about you, but there’s something thrilling about seeing people making it in whatever they are doing in life. I am always rooting for people to succeed and seeing Ben Cyco talk about how many subscribers he gains after every podcast, that is something else. You almost want to cry tears of joy because you can see that he deserves it. What Ben has done differently is being authentic about his life. That’s why he has been able to grow so much and in such a short period of time. The Cyco Podcast is refreshing, thought-provoking, and all in all a great pastime. I would encourage every single one of you to watch or listen to it.

Listen in and let us know what you think of the Cyco podcast. You can find Ben on twitter at Ben_cyco.

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