Beyonce Supports African-Owned Businesses & Spotlights Kenyan Talents On Black Parade Route

Beyonce features African-owned businesses on Black Parade. Image from

The remake of the classic animated movie, Lion King, brought a historic development in the music scene, pioneered by Beyonce in her album The Gift. From it came numerous collaborations with talented African artists.

This time Beyonce has used Black Parade Route to spotlight African-owned business from across the world. Black parade which is also a song by Beyonce, is a movement that celebrates Africa’s heritage, diversity, culture, love and the beauty of the motherland as a whole. This movement has extended to support Kenyan-owned businesses. The following awesome Kenyan multidisciplinary talents who are incredible international creatives in their own right have now gotten a larger global platform after being endorsed by one of the most successful artists of all time. 

  1. Wazawazi

Made in Kenya by Kenyans, Wazawazi is a handbag designer brand curated for the modern man/woman who celebrates diversity, culture and the authenticity of African leather and designs.

Model from Wazawazi holding Makosewe leather hand bag. Image from

Perhaps what you will love from this brand aside from the leather bags looking so stylish, classy and utterly sophisticated, is the versatility of the different bags made by Wazawazi. We clearly can see why this brand was featured on Beyonce’s platform and so can the rest of the world. 

2. Moyo Ya Bibi

Take a sip before reviewing Moyo ya Bibi because if you thought this was another jewellery designer you’re in for a long and wild ride. This brand of handcrafted Kenyan jewellery is an epitome of unapologetically bold, art demystified and the most elegant pieces you’ll ever find in your search for unique pieces. 

What more can we say, the name says it all?

3. Mutua Matheka

No introduction needed here. Mutua Matheka has grown to become a recognised household name in the art and photography industry. Merging his expertise in architecture and a passion for Kenya’s untapped beauty, Matheka emblems the essence of creating and telling your own story. Read More about Mutua Matheka on Man around Nairobi 


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I see a lot of you are new to my Instagram so it may be time for a reintroduction. . My name is Mutua Matheka and I’ve been a photographer for 10 years now. My background is in architecture though I don’t practice anymore. . I love to travel especially in Africa to see how my fellow Africans live and eat and to see the beauty of this continent. I have a plan to photograph all African capital cities. I went on a road trip around Southern Africa through 8 countries over 100 days in a project called ‘Unscrambling Africa’. . I love mango in all sizes and I’m teaching my kids the love of mango 🥭. I’m also married and my partner is a dope dope human. . So, if you’re new here, where are you following me from? . Photos by @dailyinteractions on #ilfordhp5 #120film

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4. Kazuri

Beads. Surely there’s no mentioning of African adornments without the inclusion of beauty and colour, all found in beads. Kazuri knows this too well. But above the need to bless her customers with handcrafted pieces of jewellery, the business places creation of sustainable job opportunities at the centre of its heart – evident from its growth over the years.

To you who’s wondering where you can find artistic ceramic bead jewellery and pottery that reflects the wild side of Kenya, look no further.


5. Jiamini

Made for women by women, Jiamini is a fashion accessories brand that inspires your outer confidence through traditional African heritage jewellery designs. The brand leverages exquisite craftsmanship and chic, innovative styles, to bless the modern woman with pieces that define her and complement the African queen she is. Beyonce’s eye must have caught this.

One of Jiamini’s pieces of fine jewellery. Image from

6. El Afrique

Finding a good tailor is as hard as finding lost money on these streets of Nairobi. However, if your passion lies in Ankara fashion, you will surely come across El Afrique in your endless search for unique styles. This fashion brand hosts a collection of stylish African print clothing, made for both the modern vibrant woman and the classic man.

7. Avido

Definitely another Kenyan brand that inspires its customers beyond fashion and style. Rooted in sustainability, Avido holds the belief that good design is sustainable designs. LookslikeAvido has dressed celebrities like Fena Gitu, Taurus Rilley, Cecille, Chris Martin, Romain Virgo and the list keeps growing. 

What’s interesting is, Avido lets you in on the process by allowing you to create your own design before purchasing.


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8. Anyango Mpinga

Anyangompinga designs speak to the modern woman who values fashion, but a little bit of literature too. Her designs are truly alluring, especially the lightweight, flawless cuts that make the dresses and the unique patterns that make the fabrics. 

Mpinga knows that nothing looks as feminine as a delicate piece of clothing and no doubt Phonology Apparel is what she gives you when you want to look like a walking mural.

Phonology Apparel line of clothes. Image from

 9. Adele Dejak

Just when you thought you had seen all of Kenya’s finest fashion accessories, Adele Dejak pops up with a touch of class and bold African statement pieces that compel attention. Her pieces of jewellery are a dream come true and you don’t need to look any further to find rings, earring, necklaces and bags that communicate from miles away. I don’t know about you, but modern warrior woman is what this era is about and Beyonce must’ve thought so too. 


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