LG Electronics Launches Its First ThinQ Experience Zone In The Region At Hotpoint Sarit Centre

LG personnel demonstrating ThinQ technology at the launch event. Image courtesy of LG PR

Smart homes are the future and the future is now. As technology has gotten better and better, electronics companies are tapping into the Artificial Intelligence technology to create products with smart features that can be controlled remotely. This has eased how homes function and generally, improved the quality of life. AI-enabled devices are great energy and money savers. Additionally, since they can be controlled remotely, they are quite convenient while saving their users valuable time. Here is how people are Transforming Their Houses Into Smart Homes

LG is one of these companies that have come up with their own AI technology known as ThinQ. This technology features in LG’s latest products such as OLED TVs, NanoCell TVs, the AI DD Washing machine, InstaView Refrigerators, DualCool Floor Standing Air Conditioners among others. After the launch of the ThinQ AI technology back in 2017, the company revolutionized the way its customers interact with their products.

LG has now established its first Artificial Intelligence technology zone in the region. The company announced a first-of-its-kind LG ThinQ Experience Zone in Kenya. It’s designed to let visitors experience LG’s one of its kind premium, artificially intelligent products firsthand at the Sarit Centre. The zone is at the re-launched Hotpoint’s largest retail store in the region.

According to LG’s Marketing Manager, Mr. Haewoong Kim, AI is the next frontier in technological evolution. LG has taken the challenge and responsibility to make AI more applicable in day to day lives of consumers in order to improve the quality of life of homeowners.

LG personnel demonstrating ThinQ technology at the launch event. Image courtesy of LG PR

Therefore, LG brags that their ThinQ-enabled products have deep learning algorithms to deliver a more intuitive experience for users. Additionally, the ThinQ AI technology focuses on three main elements, which are:


ThinQ-equipped products can be monitored and operated through a smartphone app that’s available for both Android and Apple devices. Additionally, LG’s OLED and NanoCell AI ThinQ TVs feature natural language processing, enabling voice-activated control via the Magic Remote.


LG ThinQ creates a custom experience based on its user’s household preferences. LG InstaView can be programmed to align with the home’s daily rhythm by recognizing peak use periods and adjusting for optimal cooling.


As mentioned, smart devices are great energy, time and money savers. ThinQ-enabled LG devices are efficient due to LG InstaView feature. This can monitor usage patterns and automatically run in save mode during hours less frequently used for optimal energy consumption.

Though these artificially intelligent products come with a premium price tag they are well worth every shilling. The ThinQ Zone will offer Kenyans a glimpse into the advanced AI technology that the company has to offer even if it is just for a few minutes.

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