Review: Is The Saru Organics 3-In-One Leave In Conditioner Great For Fine Natural Hair?


After over 10 years of having relaxed hair, I finally decided to chop it off. Unfortunately, the decision was primarily motivated by need rather than choice. Years of terrible hair care practices had turned my hair into straws of shame. However, I am thrilled I made the decision and the entanglement I have with my hair is currently thriving.

I have had to relearn my hair and find out what works and what does not. On the bright side, I jumped onto this natural hair train a little late so there is a ton of information on natural hair I can check out. The downside? Much of that information doesn’t address hair care for fine, thin, 4c hair.

How To Find The Right Regimen For 4C Hair

Natural 4c hair is the same. Whether thick, thin, fine or dense right? Not quite. A lesson I had to learn the hard way. Especially when it comes to moisturizing and moisture retention. When I first cut my hair, I tried a couple of leave-in conditioners that disappointed me. They weighed my hair down and left my hair looking and feeling too greasy.

I discovered Saru Organics 3 in One Leave-In Conditioner scrolling through the Jumia site; you know as most obsessive online window shoppers do. I checked out a couple of reviews and decided to try it out.

Packaging and Claims

The Saru Organics 3-in-one Leave-in Conditioner comes in a 240ml squeeze bottle. The squeeze feature is great since only a bit comes out at a time. If you are heavy-handed, this bottle is perfect for you. It is sulphate and paraben-free and 100% natural.

The 3 in-one benefits of the leave-in claim to;

  • Nourish, repair and tame your mane
  • Infuse moisture and softness
  • Give protection and shine.

    My Dry Hair Before Using The Saru Organics Leave in Conditioner

How To Use

When used during wash day, apply it to the hair after you are through with deep conditioning your hair. You can also use it to moisturize your hair with the LOC( Leave-in, Oil, Cream) or LCO (Leave-in, Cream, Oil) method.

It is worth noting that the manufacturer also allows for application when the hair is dry due to its large water content. I tested it once and it actually worked quite nicely.

My experience

What is the term used to describe people who love sweet scents? Sweet-noses? Well if there is a term, I identify with that. You can trap me with a sweet-smelling croissant. That is the first thing you notice about the Saru Organics Leave-in conditioner. The sweet scent of peppermint with a hint of tea-tree oil. It is safe to say that I spend an embarrassing amount of time smelling it every time I use it.

The leave-in conditioner is lightweight. It is not that thick and flows quite easily when you squeeze it out. Due to its light nature, it has such great slip and applies like a dream.

The Saru Organics Leave In Conditioner Has A Thin Consitency

Here is the thing. 4C hair is considered the most prone to breakage due to its tight coils. Apart from that, you have us 4C hair sisters whose hair is naturally fine and thin. It is literally holding on for dear life and the last thing you want is to weigh it down with a heavy or creamy leave-in conditioner. So I really appreciated how light it was on my hair.

My hair is also low porosity which means it does not absorb product easily and it soaked in this leave-in conditioner quite easily. When using it during my mid-week hair routine, it literally brought back my curls to life.

Curls Popping After Using The Leave In Conditioner

I have been using it consistently for the last month and I am genuinely in love with what it is doing for my hair. Before using the Saru Leave-in conditioner, I would moisturize almost every day. Its moisture retention has really helped me space out those moisturizing sessions to just twice a week.


  • It is lightweight so it has great slip and penetrates hair very easily.
  • It smells amazing.
  • It contains a great range of oils. It contains aloe leaf juice, raw honey, baobab oil, moringa oil etc which are great for hair growth.
  • The leave-in conditioner is sulphate and paraben-free so it doesn’t dry your hair out.
  • It not only adds moisture but helps to retain it.

    Loose Twists Using The Saru Organics 3 In One Leave In Conditioner


  • Price- I only include this because it is the most expensive leave-in conditioner I have ever used. (I bought it at Kshs 800)


I have not been on this natural hair journey for a long time but the Saru Organics Leave-in Conditioner is clearly the first product I have fallen in love with. So much so I am planning on trying more Saru Organics products.  If you have fine or thin 4C hair and are looking for products that absorb easily and do not weigh your hair down,  then I would highly recommend this product.

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