Beauty Hacks: 7 Uses Of Setting Spray

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Setting spray was meant to be used after applying makeup to hold it in place for longer without melting or smudging. However, makeup is truly like painting for adults. It’s all about finding creative ways to use different products. One product can have multiple uses that you’re probably not aware of. Additionally, flawless makeup looks usually involve crazy makeup hacks. Here are some ways to use setting spray that beauty gurus swear by.

  1. Make Long-lasting Eyeshadow Liner

Eyeliners are made of wax which tends to run after some time giving you a smudgy look. If you want to create long-lasting eye-liner, you can spritz some setting spray on an angular brush and dip it in your eyeshadow then apply as desired. This will prevent any eye-shadow residue from falling off as well as keep it in place all day.

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  1. Groom Your Brows

Well-groomed brows are a must for a flawless face beat. To ensure your brows stay in place, douse a little setting spray on your brow brush and comb through. You can use this hack on bare brows or after applying powder but you shouldn’t do it after applying brow gel as the setting spray won’t stick to the hair.

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  1. Illuminate Your Skin

Glowing skin has been a huge craze in the beauty world. Whether you have naturally glowing skin or need help from highlighters, setting spray will give your glow a little boost. The oils in setting sprays help bring out the shimmer in your highlighter as well as moisture your skin. This results in a beautiful and natural-looking glow all day long.

  1. Get An Airbrush Finish

Did you know that dabbing your setting spray instead of spraying it all over your face gives you a better-finished look? Once you’re done applying your makeup, take your beauty blender and wet it with some setting spray then dab all over your face. This hack will remove any excess powder while keeping your skin dewy giving you an airbrush finish.

  1. Increase Your Foundation Coverage

Foundations come in light or full coverage to choose from. Of course, full coverage foundations are more expensive hence most people opt for light coverage. However, if you want to increase your foundation’s coverage, some setting spray might help. This viral hack involves applying setting spray and foundation on your face before applying foundation. The coverage increases and lasts all day.

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  1. Reduce Product Fallout

This is one of the most common makeup hacks. Setting spray keeps everything in place including loose powder and eyeshadow which are prone to fallout. Your makeup routine will be less messy with this hack and will give you a more flawless finish. Spray your brush or beauty blender with setting spray before dipping into the product.

  1. Turn Powder Blush Into Cream

For some makeup looks, you need cream blush but it would be expensive to be cream blush every time you need one when you can simply use setting spray to turn your powder blush into a cream. To avoid spoiling the entire product, apply some blush on your finger then spritz some setting spray and apply on your cheeks. Start small and add on as you continue to blend it out evenly.

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