Interview With Rising Star And OPPO Influencer Laura Karwirwa


We were first introduced to Laura Karwirwa four years ago when she made her debut into the gospel music industry with her first song, Natamani Nikuone. The song would go on to become a success, giving Laura a big break early into her career. Since then, she has cemented her place in the industry and ministry with powerful songs of praise and worship like Ujulikane in which she featured gospel artist Alice Kimanzi.

Laura Karwirwa is a student at Kenyatta University where she is about to graduate with a degree in Food, Nutrition and Dietetics. A position opening at Citizen TV would see her edge out tough competition to become the host of the powerful Bambika show which airs every Sunday. As a born again Christian and songstress, she has used this platform to pass the word of God to her audience. For all she has achieved, Laura has managed to stay grounded and focused on her cause.

“I am a simple lady, a lover of God, people, life and music. I value these aspects of my life because that is where I get my inspiration from. I am always observing people, eager to learn from them and their experiences. Keeping my connection with God strong is also important to me.”

A Content Creator

Besides singing and hosting the Bambika show, Laura is also actively involved in social media where she initiates important conversations about God and faith. She creates additional content about the same issues on her YouTube channel; Karwira Laura.  As a creator, she is working on putting out positive content to nourish and empower her followers during these uncertain times of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I am appreciating the great realization of the impact that the internet has in our lives. Everyone is online watching or reading something and I find that to be very powerful. As a creator, I want to be better at putting out content. We already have the space and platforms; I just have to be more consistent.”

Laura attributes the success she has gotten so far to prayer, resilience, hard work, teachability and open-mindedness. These values have also helped her during her creative process.

“I can create content from almost anything and anywhere, which I find fascinating. Whenever I come up with an idea, I am quick to pen it down and later build on it when I am free to concentrate. I try to make my content as real and relatable as possible because I believe that this is the only way that it can be impactful.”

As an artist of the new generation, Laura is aware of the impact that social media has on her music and her career. She appreciates the fact that she can interact with her fans on a personal level and also show parts of her life that might not always appear when she is on television.

“Social media has given me a wonderful space to interact with those who consume my music. It is a wonderful space to also share the more there is to me.”



As a smart business-minded woman, Laura has diversified her brand and tapped into the world of promoting products as an influencer. This has seen her work with brands such as OPPO, an opportunity she describes as a blessing.

We have an amazing campaign currently running for the Oppo A92. I am getting to understand what goes behind the introduction of new products in the market, especially in the technology field. It has been interesting to see how consumer trends in Africa are informing how multinational firms such as Oppo will design their products.” The OPPO A92 Phone Review

She is excited to work with more companies in the future. So far she is appreciative of the fact that she has worked with brands that have been in line with her personality and beliefs. She admits that with endorsements comes more growth to her brand which in itself has a powerful effect.

A Message To Upcoming Talent

“I would advise them to always give the best at what they do and even while there is aggressiveness to reach a success level, there’s also space for patience. Any kind of growth takes time. It is a principle of life.”

Whereas she is best known for having a beautiful voice, Laura also plays the guitar, though she says that she has gotten a bit rusty over the years. As she plans to resume playing the guitar, she is staying focused on her path to achieve her dreams.

“In the next five years, I hope to have spread out Africa-wide. This is a big dream but I intend to give it my all.”

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